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Say goodbye to India's leaders of wickedness

H H Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu’s Interview by Doordarshan



What is God , What is truth , What is Religion?

such questions have always been contemplated & will be done in the future too . 3,044 more words

The third eye of the society

Trans genders are not type casted anymore, with the supreme court giving them the third gender status  its now us, the common people who have to change our mindset about them, we should break the stereotypes, we should not be part of   this sexually divided society. 578 more words

Two Sides of the Rainbow: Stakeholder Analysis on LGBT Hate Crimes in the Philippines + Conclusion


On the LGBT Community:

Every one has his or her own contributions in the existing issue regarding the hate crimes against LGBT. These contributions can be positive or negative depending on the person who perceives the situation. 777 more words

Making profit and addressing a social cause at the same time


15th April 2014 witnessed a landmark judgement by the apex court of India in which the transgenders were given a legal status. Such laws can very well give the transgenders an entry into the field of education or employment but what about their acceptance by the people of their own society, by US? 439 more words


LGBTs: Interviews on their experiences and what they have to say




Of course, it would not make sense to just interview people who have witnessed or heard of how LGBTs are treated second hand. They would not be able to explain it thoroughly, because of the lack of experience (since they are not LGBTs themselves). 796 more words

LGBT Hate Crimes: Statistics and Figures



Due to the sexual orientation differences, there are many reported cases involving hate crimes in different countries. Hate crime is described by the Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch as a crime done due to prejudice,bias, or hate which violates the national laws and the internationally signed Human Rights Conventions, Standards and Commitments. 702 more words