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"As a god self slain on his own strange altar death lies dead"

As I stood at the Customer Services counter, in the supermarket, the strains of that beautiful hymn, Abide With Me, played by the Salvation Army came wafting through the open door, 604 more words


Once More against Pinker: Science and Colonialism

A Facebook argument with James Hughes has prompted me to return to the task of refuting Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature. If not for Pinker’s popularity – particularly among futurists – I wouldn’t bother, as the absurdity. 545 more words


Excerpt from the Speech before the Leap

And who says we were the first to plan this?

For all we know, these otherworldly beings may have existed

EONS before us!

Perhaps evolution itself evolved, perhaps the planets; 16 more words


Can technology bring us peace?

The summer months of 2014 have brought us a sickening surfeit of awful news. Our newsfeeds have been full of conflict, casualties, and brutalities in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Gaza, and so on. 1,203 more words


Transhumanism: a post-Darwinian faith?

Transhumanism, or “H+” as it is referred to by its advocates, is a movement for those who believe that humanity’s limitations can be overcome through technological advancement. 397 more words

h+ Heathenry

I mentioned Transhumanism in my introductory post, but I haven’t really touched on it here yet. I’ve been a transhumanist all of my adult life and then some, dating back to all the Heinlein I read in my teens, if not to that old copy of Mary Shelley’s  1,013 more words