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Building Gods Documentary - Transhumanism Artificial intelligence and nanotechnology

Building Gods Documentary – Transhumanism, Artificial intelligence and nanotechnology This film by Ken Gumbs tackles the issue of pending greater-than-human …
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Daniel Taylor ~ The Road to Singularity: Potential Annihilation, Utopian Visions, Will Liberty Prevail?

It is situations and attitudes like these that make me wonder if an EMP — whether solar or rogue initiated — for as destructive as it would be, given our over-reliance on technology, might be the only saving grace of humanity. 1,428 more words

Battlestar Galactica Through the Transhumanist Perspective Part 1: Introduction to Transhumanism

To start off, the reason to do this blog series is to explore a relatively unknown philosophy. By exploring the philosophy does not indicate condoning of said idea. 266 more words

Part 6: Human 2.0

So where does all of this leave us? On the verge of understanding our minds, integrating our technology, and expanding our networks, we are on the cusp of a radical change in human evolution. 254 more words


The Insane Minority's War On the Disenfranchised Majority Continues!

If the following article isn’t enough evidence of a conspiracy, by the dehumanized and powerful few, to eradicate the majority of the disenfranchised many, then I’m uncertain of any evidence ever being sufficient: 821 more words