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Detective Shulman’s career, life, and existential identity had arrived at a cul-de-sac in his meeting with the doctor.  Vantor had effectively abducted Shulman when he hired him to investigate the off- grid hacking attempts.  631 more words


Consider the [Bionic] Possibilities

Everything from replacement of limbs lost to combat, injury or illness to the colonization of other planets.  the possibilities boggle the mind, really:

The future of permanent, fully integrated prosthetic limbs and bionic implants… 277 more words

Cool Tech

The Limitless Lucy

Seems like post-human theme is very happening in some recent years, many movies took that theme and try to figure out how is human like and what human does in near future. 233 more words


[NB] Jungian psychology and alchemical transhumanism?

James Hillman is one of those authors I go to like a tonic. The way in which he conceptualizes the mythological and its relationship to the psychical opens up my thinking. 729 more words


Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto #News for September 15

We’re back from our wireless vacay, pirating the wifi in a pirate radio station off the Left Coast. There’s a big, hairy dog on the floor, a discussion of minimum wage on the air, and while there is no picture of Che on the wall, I’m sure at least one person here owns that t-shirt. 214 more words


Logomania, Vol. II: Under A Transhumanist Scalpel

contrived eyes split open and pink hands grasped an incubated perfect O2 while crystal speakers amplified the Baby BachBeethoven hybrid parsed and conflated for a complexity maximally neuroplastic and a stimulatory effect maximally fruitful into a kind of perverted clusterfucky thing that tickled auditory cilia covered by white caps white sheets white blankies white tubes white white white blank so sterile that microbial colonies generated a pop culture Last Germ Standing/The Last SamuGerm/Black Germ Down/The Germinator/Germ Fiction/Germ Wars/The Texas Chainsaw Germ Massacre and the word microbiome fell off the map while genetic codes were repaved in medical ink and painlessly branded on chubby arms with their As and Ts and Gs and Cs fresh juicy preset to ripen beside one another tryads meant to be like high school sweethearts complementary and unblemished the designer babies were fed on a conveyor belt from a polyurethane dream into the maw of a perfect waking life… 485 more words

Free Verse

Are Human Enhancement and AI Incompatible?

A few days ago, in a post featuring a series of links to stories about new and emerging technologies, I included a link to a review of Nick Bostrom’s new book, … 1,310 more words