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I think there are little green men!

I got into the Radio Amateur business way back when vacuum tubes were king. I read and re-read
the “Radio Amateur Handbooks” put out by the ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League) – They are still… 233 more words

Intel's $6B Israeli fab upgrade gets government approval, probably paving way for 10nm move

Israel’s Finance Ministry has given the go-ahead to a $6 billion upgrade of Intel’s chip fabrication plant in the south of the country, for which Israel will grant the U.S. 241 more words

Battery fixings

Since I am creating Kicad footprints for components I need to know how I am going to mount the output transistors. That means making a decision about which side of the PCB they are soldered to (which side all components go on for that matter) and how they are connected to the PCB. 384 more words


How do computers work the way they do? How does electricity turn into software?

This is a great question isn’t it? Just step back for a second and think about it. We have these boxes made out of plastic. These plastic boxes have some green plates (PCB) with insect-like stuff sticking into them. 1,287 more words


Lecture 2 - Moore Baba, and the villains

1. Scale Integration ?

We’ve heard of till ULSI – Ultra Large Scale Integration. But, there’s more today. From Pentium to i3, i5 or i7 whatever you have right now. 2,493 more words