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Another Replacement Option For Transistors

A new possible replacement for silicon transistors has been experimented with. It’s called Molybdenite, which is already used as an additive to lubricants in some steel alloys. 407 more words



Once again, this is one little moment in passing. These two in their rowboats, who knows what they will turn into later on. For now their feet dangle in the air.


Carbon nanotubes move closer to competing with silicon

An international team based at Stanford has reached an important milestone in pursuit of faster computing: It can now create stable carbon nanotube transistors that are as small as the best silicon transistors. 309 more words


Future Transistor Technology Post Silicon

This post will consist of looking at the current research of processor development of the future. The topic is apart of my personal research that will be analyzed on each alternative solution. 526 more words


The Making of Silicon Transistors

Silicon transistors are the key components that make a processor possible. In this blog I will provide information, step by step of how a transistor is made from its basic materials. 593 more words


The Next Big Thing: Organic Thin-Flim Transistors

From many years work, Zhenan Bao,  a chemical engineering and materials science professor at Stanford University, has been able to develop new techniques to speed up the charge carrier mobility of organic transistors, which have, previously, been functioning at painfully slow speeds compared to their crystalline- or polycrystalline silicon cousins. 476 more words


Moore's Law: The Reason Why Your Laptop is Already Obsolete

No matter what kind electronic device you’re reading this on, a better version of it exists or is well on its way. If that makes you angry, blame a physicist. 951 more words