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Transits: Saturn's Lower Square to its own Birth's Position

Grant Lewi said that if you are prepared, then you get success and achievement in your Saturn’s lower square.

If you’re not prepared, then you’ll be torn loose from some ill-pickt fundamental commitment, such as job or relationship. 137 more words

Eat Until you Burst in Kota Kinabalu

Chiang Mai was our last stop in Thailand for now and it was a long transit to Kota Kinabalu (KK), in the Borneo side of Malaysia. 1,133 more words


Transit of the Day: Let It Go!

Thursday 11th September

Transit of the Day

Sun Virgo 18° sextile (60°) Saturn Scorpio 18°

The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry or so the saying goes and today is a critical time for plans coming to fruition especially those of a creative nature or regarding children. 168 more words


Transit of the Day: Be Truthful

Tuesday 9th September

Full Moon in Pisces conjunct (0°) Chiron Pisces 15° 

Emotionally painful embarrassments will be the result of lying at this time so if you want to save face then just be honest even if it means hurting someone’s feelings. 194 more words


Transit of the Day: Learn Humility

Monday 8th September

Venus is in Virgo now so be careful of being too critical of partners and loved ones for the rest of the month. 204 more words


"the energy inter-relations that govern and control" ones incarnation

 “I seek to lay the ground for a somewhat new approach – a far more esoteric approach – to the science of astrology. … It is intuitional astrology which must eventually supersede what is today called astrology, thus bringing about a return to the knowledge of that ancient science which related the constellations and our solar system, drew attention to the nature of the zodiac and informed humanity as to the basic interrelations which govern and control the phenomenal and subjective worlds.” … 230 more words

Life's Insights

Exoplanet Transits and Light Curve Photometry

During the 2014 International Astronomical Youth Camp, I was fortunate enough to be able to work on a research project with access to the University of Vienna’s 1.5m reflector telescope. 561 more words