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Take a Number: How your Personality Type Affects your Business

Contrary to popular opinion, not all translators are introverted bookworms, and if we could ever tear ourselves away from the page we would totally speak up and prove it to you. 1,317 more words

Tip for Marketing interpretation is understanding the industry

The process of promoting translation is not only learning the innovative methods in back of genuine clone but in addition performing justice by trans-establishing the material with the target market on the vocabulary with the consumer… 611 more words

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Potential risk of restricting language translation level of quality for cost you

“Hey, we require some forms interpreted. They may be in the English language. We need them urgently converted in French and German. … 786 more words

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Choosing a Translation Expert Or Machine Translation

As we are all aware the translation industry is awash with translation tools such Spell checkers, translation memories and automated glossaries. But is definitely the feasibility of unit interpretation a real possibility during this day and age? 757 more words

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Appreciating the Importance of Translation Companies

Everyday on my way to the office I walk pass through various translation companies. I really didn’t understand their importance until I started working in an admin office that functions also as an HR department. 213 more words

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How to Choose a Translation Vendor?

When you are new in purchasing certain goods or services a sort of uncertainty is what keeps bugging you and in fact everyone and because this is your first time, spending your time and money on just anything is a bad idea, you must first satisfy all your ifs and buts and only then must proceed further. 160 more words


Spotlight on Russian Language Translation

Russian is the most widely spoken language of the Indo-European language family. For various translation agencies in Mumbai, Russian is the prime language for translation. 376 more words