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Relapse 2

One of you told me that you were with me because I was the perfect little wife. I knew it was intended to be a confusing mix of insult and compliment. 305 more words

Writing Exercise

Jobs, Once Again, And Manliness

Where do I go?…In my last post, I was talking about businesses and jobs and such. I wanna work too…but at the same time, I need to get a job that I enjoy. 976 more words

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Thoughts on People Who Complain About Those Who are Trying to Crowdfund Surgery

So… there have been several guys on one of the groups I belong to on FB for trans* guys who have been complaining and/or negatively talking about those of us who are attempting to crowdfund our surgeries. 250 more words


Self actualization,

the highest level of personal realization.

Coming into my own, and knowing what’s true.

Living my authentic self, being honest, is refreshing and new. 145 more words


So yesterday I had my first appointment with a psychiatrist. I had been referred to him by my GP, it took a few weeks to get the appointment and then another six weeks or so until I actually had it. 477 more words


My name is Lee.

So I’m starting to share my life with the world, slowly getting the hang of it.

It’s a bit scary.

I’m transgender, female to male. 148 more words