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How to explain.

At one point in a recent conversation, I realized that people see “having a positive attitude” as something that comes and goes. … 242 more words

You Came Here with a Purpose

You ARE the chosen one! I say this because you chose to be here to experience life. To experience Heaven on Earth! You made this choice before time existed. 528 more words

Risky Love

I could loose a lot of Love
Almost sure of it by walking this journey
A fear that was hard to transmute into Love
But time made me aware that nothing… 133 more words


The Art of Transcendence

I just witnessed something I’ve never seen before. While walking through the countryside, I looked behind me to see the cloudy skies being illuminated by a setting sun, resulting in a beautiful pink glow. 770 more words

The Mad Ramblings of a Writer

My life has been an unexpected journey. Throughout all of the hard times, what I have learned is that no matter who you have in your life, the love within you will pull you through. 1,034 more words

English/Spanish Cognate of the Day


transmute v.- to change from one nature, substance, form, or condition into another; transform




transmutation (n.) late 14c., from Old French transmutacion “transformation, change, metamorphosis” (12c.), from Late Latin transmutationem (nominative transmutatio) “a change, shift,” noun of action from Latin transmutare “change from one condition to another,” from trans- “thoroughly” (see… 10 more words