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An Open Letter to the Quiet Influencer Standing on the Edge of Her Comfort Zone

Dear Quiet Influencer,

I understand, I have peered over the edge of my comfort zone too and dared to take a leap of faith.  A few months ago, I was challenged and asked to design my consultancy – to create a strategic plan (which I fondly refer to as an exit strategy from this desk jockey post that I have held too long.) However, I found myself struggling to create my plan and wondered if this is what my enslaved ancestors felt when Harriet was trying to convince them to trust her as she promised them that freedom was on the other side of fear… 665 more words


A Court of Secrets

It is no exaggeration to say that our Supreme Court is the final arbiter of what can be considered right or wrong in this country. When the same court refuses to do the right thing, such as the non-disclosure of SALNs based on technicalities, it makes us question its moral authority. 652 more words

Meilou Sereno

Share your replication: Political Science Replication Initiative

Earlier this year, we sent out a survey on replication in political science to the Political Methodology (PolMeth) mailing list. Our survey results, which we wrote up in a post on the… 252 more words