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NGOs: Democracy, Transparency and Accountability

Considering the reach and depth of NGOs, certain other concepts within the field of NGOs have to be examined to achieve a full understanding. In the presentation by group C, the group investigated the concepts of democracy, transparency and accountability in relation to NGOs and thereby created a framework in which the usage of neo-liberalism was made in order to explain the concepts. 156 more words

A Peaceful Protest Today - Please Spread the Word

Here’s a message (from a woman I have had the honor of working with in women’s leadership training with WMW Jamaica) shared widely on social media, regarding a peaceful protest this afternoon in Kingston. 138 more words


NEITI IN SEARCH OF IMPACTS – “Inside the Fiscal Allocation & Statutory Disbursement Audit”.

When Nigeria signed up to the EITI in 2003, began implementation in 2004 and became the first country to support implementing with a specific Law in 2007, the expectation of Nigerians was that the initiative would lead to rapid and visible impacts in their lives. 948 more words

Epic status

Greater visibility to stakeholders: it can be an ongoing battle.  Even when they’re au fait with the vagaries of ‘when we finish this we’ll start on the next priority feature’,  keeping them up to date can be tricky.   383 more words

Iteration Planning

Is data obtained from clinical studies in Colombia sufficiently shared?

According to ClinicalTrials.gov there are 712 studies registered for Colombia as a location for patient recruitment (Data search: December 5 2013). Most of these trials were designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of approved drugs in off-label conditions in postmarketing studies (phase IV) and to test investigational new drugs (clinical trials, phases one to three).

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Evidence Based Medicine

Happy Birthday to My Blog! (And Step 5)

Today marks exactly one year since I hit “publish” on my very first blog post. My goal was to post something authentic and encouraging once a week. 787 more words

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