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Transgender Does Not Mean Sexually Deviant!

I can absolutely forgive ignorance. We are all, at some point or another in our lives, ignorant of some issue. What I cannot forgive is: 514 more words


Too Much Of A Good Thing?

In this week’s edition of “weird shit people connected to UKIP come out with”, an ex-UKIP sort named Julia Gasper has said UKIP is “plagued with transsexuals”. 619 more words


Running Away From Hatred Doesn't Stop It

Yes my transgender brothers and sisters, there are a lot of Gavin Mcinneses and Jim Goads in the real world, not just in the Twitterverse or in Bloggerville—real-life flesh-and-blood haters that are so vile that they would rather see us dead than to have to live in a world where we are not all sexual- or gender-conforming figures in their delusional dream world that does not or has ever existed. 116 more words

US House blocked from editing Wikipedia AGAIN, this time over Orange is the New Black and transphobia

For the third time this summer, US House of Representatives staffers have been blocked from editing Wikipedia. The first two instances came in July after Pando… 223 more words


Michelle Duggar's Hypocrisy Regarding Sexual Predators

By Shaney Lee, HARO Board Member

The Duggars have made the news again—but this time, it’s not because of another pregnancy, engagement, or wedding.

This time, family matriarch Michelle Duggar has made the news for a robocall made to citizens of Fayetteville, Arkansas, warning them about a new bill being considered by the city. 775 more words


Feminist Fail at Nottingham Women's Conference 2013/2014

This post has been written for about 6 months now but I’ve been hesitant to post it. I think I didn’t want it to come across too harshly or really have the energy to deal with any potential backlash from this but you know what? 1,620 more words

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There is this striking limitation to the analysis of domination. How do you name the set of numerous institutions, types of oppression and marginalization, processes of exploitation which together form a certain system of domination? 1,390 more words