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"You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet": One Pastor Reveals Barack Obama's Frankly Incomprehensible Plan to Ship All Black People To Africa

Dr. James David Manning runs Harlem’s Atlah Worldwide Church. He’s also very concerned about Barack Obama sending African-Americans back to Africa in this bizarrely hilarious video from 2012. 201 more words

Our Kenyan Muslim Dictator In Chief


A Guest Post by @donAlvar

Heard about single-wanker politics? If you read this quickly enough, you might have read “single-issue politics”, which is also what we are talking about here. 883 more words

Is Transition A Cop-Out? Part 2

Last week I offered some thoughts on whether transition is some kind of cop out. Here are a few more reasons I think such a claim misses the mark. 665 more words

Sex Work: Where Feminism is Getting it Wrong

Feminism is not some straightforward, objective force of justice. There’s the exclusion of anyone who isn’t white, cis-female and middle class, for starters. There are times when the ideas of feminism can be taken and transformed into something exclusionary and discriminatory, such as in the disgusting bigotry of… 659 more words


In this post, simply titled ‘transphobia’, I’m going to rant about the hate that transgender people experience.

Now I’m not tumbler user. I don’t go out of my way to label myself. 1,482 more words

To Drink Or Not To Drink

In order to understand the ways one might view the Union continuing to go on with their LGBT+ Union drinks without CUSU LGBT+ backing, it is essential to look at the root cause of this conflict. 707 more words


Dr Rupert Read isn't really sorry

I’m taking a break from planned posts to write on this, since Cambridge is pretty much local to me (I’m in South Cambs Parliamentary constituency, but Cambridge is close). 1,295 more words