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Gender differences and the trans community

My sister is one of those people who, while not gay herself, is surrounded by gay people, particularly gay men. I, on the other hand, tend to befriend trans people, particularly male to female trans. 560 more words

Fatigue and Foolishness

So, everything is crap, as is generally the case in these quarters. I’m back with my family for the holidays, which has meant registering as a temporary patient with a local GP. 1,197 more words


Okay, Maybe *You* Don't Need Feminism

There is a hashtag going around Twitter right now with women saying why they don’t need feminism. 

Just typing that and seeing these words makes me stop for a second and stare. 356 more words

In Bad Faith: The New Yorker and its Transphobia

By Huma Munshi

Close your eyes and imagine struggling to do simple acts such as going out to buy a pint of milk or catching a train to work because the way you present does not align with societies view on what it means to be male or female. 856 more words


Why the Department of Education has it wrong to allow discrimination against trans students

Religious freedom is one of the most important rights in this country – to many, it’s what this country was founded on (never mind that this country was also founded on the oppression of other people’s spirituality, but that’s for another post). 869 more words


Unchanging Heaven

(With apologies to Maya Angelou* and Jane Urquart**)

Karen McLaughlin

How unsettling to read Angelou then Urquart:

Angelou, blackness in the bone:

“…the rust upon the razor that threatens the throat. 276 more words

Transgender 101

(((hugs))) Jeremy a bit tighter...

I really don’t understand people sometimes. I just don’t…

LGBTQ Youths with Unsupportive Parents Sound Off Anonymously with Whisper App

And… it’s my 44th birthday. First thing that happened was I went to feed the guinea pigs and found our smallest and shy one dead on the cage. 50 more words