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The invisibility of trans men.

The problem I see when discussing the trans community are two big things: that most issues talk about trans women, and the increasing disappearance, and often increasing disapproval, of transsexuals. 489 more words


No, I will not help Sundog make a documentary on trans "regret"

This afternoon I received an unsolicited email in my work account from an employee of Sundog Pictures. An excerpt follows:

I’m currently working on an idea alongside Channel 4 following transgender individuals who have come to regret their sex changes and are keen to undergo further treatment / operations to reverse the change.

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Rivers of Blood and Mountains of Bone: A Boxtroll review

Where are the rivers of blood and the mountains of bone?

I was promised mountains of bone!

-Winifred Portly Rind

 Spoiler Warning: This article spoils the movie Boxtrolls. 1,068 more words


Transphobia in elite sport translates to some women being subject to hormone suppression and genital surgery to fit a gender binary.

This is a very intriguing account by Matt Slater, about a type of biological racism practiced by the elite sport community, discriminating against females who have naturally high levels of testosterone typically observed in men. 69 more words

Julie Bindel: You do not represent me.

Let me tell you a little bit about Julie Bindel.

Julie Bindel is a British freelance journalist and self-identified political lesbian feminist, with a particular focus on lesbian rights, opposition to the sex industry and female victims of domestic violence. 1,542 more words

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Actually, I Have an Everyday Life Too

Svenska i kursivt!

Hanging at the pool in October… One thing I don’t miss about Sweden is the weather! I’m a warm weather kind of girl. 1,209 more words

Life In Austin TX

People Are Nicer When You're Gender-Conforming

Over at Alas, A Blog, Ampersand raises the topic of being better-liked after weight loss:

When I think about losing weight – and like nearly all fat people, my mind sometimes strays there even though I’m against trying to lose weight myself – this thought always bothers me.

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