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Geekfeminism.org statement on rape allegations and transmisogyny

This morning as I was about to get on a plane back from a conference I found out that Dana McCallum, aka Dana L. Contreras, a software engineer at Twitter as well as a feminist activist, was arrested in late January and charged with several felonies including rape, false imprisonment, and domestic violence. 362 more words

Why is this being discussed at school?

I decided to share a video today, one which I thought several of you might be interested in. I previewed it first and Jeremy walked over behind me to watch. 432 more words


What is the SASOD Cine Campaign?

The SASOD Cine Campaign is an innovative campaign aimed at highlighting issues of homophobia and transphobia meted out to Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) individuals to deter them from pursuing health care; and also reducing homophobia and transphobia in society. 125 more words


Jay - Die Cis Scum?

Please note that my university focused mind wanted to use credible sources for this post but as not a lot has been written on the topic this is simply just my opinions