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Transphobia in elite sport translates to some women being subject to hormone suppression and genital surgery to fit a gender binary.

This is a very intriguing account by Matt Slater, about a type of biological racism practiced by the elite sport community, discriminating against females who have naturally high levels of testosterone typically observed in men. 69 more words

Actually, I Have an Everyday Life Too

Svenska i kursivt!

Hanging at the pool in October… One thing I don’t miss about Sweden is the weather! I’m a warm weather kind of girl. 1,209 more words

Life In Austin TX

People Are Nicer When You're Gender-Conforming

Over at Alas, A Blog, Ampersand raises the topic of being better-liked after weight loss:

When I think about losing weight – and like nearly all fat people, my mind sometimes strays there even though I’m against trying to lose weight myself – this thought always bothers me.

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Jeffrey Laude deserved to die

Can we all just agree that Jeffrey “Bakla” Laude deserved to die, acquit US Marine Joseph Pemberton for murdering the transsexual and move on? Aren’t we already mired down in a plethora of more pressing issues such as deciding which love team is better, KathNiel or JaDine? 715 more words

Being Gay

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

In a week when the subject of apology – more precisely, apology by wealthy and highly privileged men such as Oscar Pistorius and Ched Evans – has been in the news…again!…there is one apology i have looked for in vain. 737 more words

Deconstruction reconstruction

Life is profoundly interesting regardless of your situation in life.  It is important to take the strengths of who you are wherever you go.  Self-loathing is an awful thing, and it must be crushed by something which can exert more force.  1,452 more words


Pater dimitte illis, non enim sciunt, quid faciunt (Or you can also smite them, Lord)

All decent folk know about the ignorance, irrationality, and general arseholery surrounding LGBTQ-phobia. Whether it’s homophobia, biphobia, or transphobia, we’ve seen it, we’ve heard about it, and we might’ve experienced it ourselves. 727 more words