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Dallas Infant Dies Waiting For Transplant

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - A Dallas infant who desperately needed a transplant had died.

Four-month-old Sophia McVay passed away early Saturday morning.

The little girl suffered from a rare condition that caused her immune system to turn on her. 213 more words


The Way We Look

This morning I looked in the mirror and searched for me. I knew I was there but I couldn’t quite make me out. Over the last three days, my face has morphed Kafka-esque into that of a hardened- drinking, outdoor-weathered, apoplectic beetroot. 439 more words

Surgeon used alcoholic's kidneys

A SURGEON has disclosed how he alone made a decision to use kidneys from a rough-sleeping alcoholic for transplants.

Recipients, father-of-six Darren Hughes, 42, and new grandfather Robert Stuart, 67, were kept in the dark by the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff about the lifestyle of their donor and subsequently died, an inquest heard. 96 more words


Live Forever . . .

. . . that is the meaning of Sempervivum, more commonly known as hens and chicks. Now, here’s the kicker. The mother hen (or main rosette) lives two to three years, not forever! 121 more words

Dianne's Blog

November 18th, 2008 a day to remember

There will never be enough or adequate words to express my gratitude because of them we were given a chance. A chance at a life. A life without urea cycle disorder. 43 more words



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She always has a kind word, she always takes my hand, 446 more words

Teenager offers his kidney to Nottingham stranger

A teenager from West Bridgford has contacted the Nottingham Post offering to donate his kidney to man who has been waiting 13 years for a transplant. 116 more words