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The Chickens (An exercise in transposing Orwell's 1984)

  First they came for the chickens

and I did not speak out – because I was not a chicken…’

In the beginning they were as free as chickens could be. 727 more words


The feeling of fulfilment in a musician's life

Yesterday when I was driving back on the sunny coastal road back home I thought to myself that I had a moment of fulfilment as a musician that day. 380 more words

C. S. Lewis on Transposition: The Meeting of Earthly and Heavenly Things

As a sort of addendum to my last post, in which I explored C. S. Lewis’ thoughts on the potency of scriptural imagery, and the role symbol and metaphor play in our knowing the world more generally, I would like today to focus on another essay of his, which deals with what he referred to as ‘transposition’. 1,591 more words

C. S. Lewis