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Tormenting Camouflage

While I may have finally accepted myself and the fact that I am a transman, I have not told anyone yet. Except for my boyfriend and therapist. 1,381 more words


"What's With the Attack Upon The LGBT?"

I am so sick and tired with all the attack on anyone that identifies in any where in the “Rainbow Perspective.” It is high time the government and the military get the effing bedroom and their collective @ss out their heads and realize that is there is nothing wrong with being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transsexual. 1,422 more words


Week 9 Day 2 : Late Again

I have a good excuse for being late though as I’ve just spent the last 6 days in a field and got back, very tired, but happy, yesterday.  511 more words


A Day Out with Jessica

Post by Andrew Blair.

Just a glimpse of us.

Yesterday was Easter Monday and we took a trip down the peninsula to La Perouse where we walked and took photographs had some lunch and then returned home tired and exhausted. 47 more words


Ode to my sweetie: A blog about relationships

So I was thinking today (it’s rare, yes), and I realized that I haven’t actually taken the time to write about my relationship much yet.   1,120 more words

Members Only

Being out in social situations and meeting new people is a trip and a half. I am noticing some things that I never before experienced. In particular, men and women are both treating me differently, in general. 845 more words

One of the hard parts +1m10d E

As I’m re-evaluating and re-exploring various aspects of my past life and as I transition into Megan, there are some hard decisions that I have to make. 634 more words

Gender Dysphoria