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And so the hunt begins

After spending a rather stressful time getting back to Wigan from London on Saturday evening, the last thing I needed was a letter from my employer saying that they would not be extending my current contract and therefore I was out of a job, but that’s exactly what happened. 826 more words


It's Chriiiiiistmaaaassss!!!

OK, strictly speaking it’s not quite Christmas yet, still four days to go, but that title needs to be shouted in the voice of Noddy Holder from Slade as heard at Christmas parties throughout the land.   2,780 more words


HRT: Day 220

Transitioning has been a very positive force in my life because it is actualizing my inner self in a way I never dreamed was really possible. 556 more words


GIC Group Therapy, How to Tell my Daughter about me (?)... and another Xmas meal

In the period since my last post a number of things have happened, progress continues to be made, and life feels pretty good.

First of all, chronologically, I had two and a half hours out as me on Saturday 13th December while my daughter was doing her usual shopping centre meet with her BF. 1,211 more words

The County Hospital Is Closing.

Hi. Hope your holiday season is moving along well.

I just got the word tonight that our county hospital is closing as of next Tuesday. Other cuts in the county budget are expected. 1,494 more words

Lisa Rhodes Blog

So 9 months-ish already, wow...what a ride

I’m Gwen, I’m 23 years old, at-least for another month and a bit and I am a transgirl(Yay!).

I have just finished a four year internment as a full time care assistant to my disabled, homophobic, xenophobic and transphobic farther and I am currently looking for work, I have considered a barmaid!, yeah never going to happen! 1,261 more words


And so it begins...

It’s currently 1:16AM on a Thursday.

I could be sleeping, yet here i am making this blog and writing this post due to some silly little idea that has been swimming in the back of my head for quite sometime.  214 more words