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The TRANSformation Continues! Bruce Jenner Debuts Shocking New Hairdo

Bruce Jenner is a changed man since separating from wife Kris Jenner. In recent months, he’s started to rock longer locks and more feminine fingernails… 16 more words

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It's just a name.

Well I’m back here again. Still in the same boat as I was with my dad a while ago, but now my mother and her mom are pulling the same deal. 538 more words

New campaign seeks to end forced gender reassignment of LGBT Iranians

A campaign launched this week by the Iranian Lesbian and transgender network 6rang is seeking to change the way Iranian authorities treat the country’s LGBT population.

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1st August... 1st day of the rest of my life - Andrea is official

Have just come out of my GP appointment for referral to a gender clinic… and it went SO well! Once again, I seem to have picked the right person to progress my journey. 123 more words


Step 2 — Find A Higher Power

Step 2 of the AA 12 Step Program states that ” Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” I believe that this can be a useful step in transitioning. 351 more words

Happy National "O" Day Ladies! (FYI-Post About Sex-Read In Private!)

Can you guess what the “o” stands for? I’ll give you a moment….ready..Happy National Orgasm Day! Besides the question this raises, at least for me, of whether or not there is an International Orgasm Day, I wanted to spread the word of this fantastic day! 658 more words

I'm too old for online dating

I can’t believe I’m single again. I’m too old to date. However, there isn’t much call for 59 year-old mail order brides so unless I want to be forever without male companionship (a viable option I’m thinking about) I will have to date again. 560 more words