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"Living the Transsexual Life"

People ask me all the time how does it feel to be a transsexual. Well the answer is best explained in this article that I found on Yahoo. 684 more words


On Unsupportive Partners

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately on partners’ problems with transition. It’s hard to read about cisgender people who are possessive of their trans partners’ bodies, who politicize the choice to transition, who pressure their partners to stay in the closet. 602 more words

Chingy Says A Transsexual Sabotaged His Career [VIDEO]

Remember Chingy? Well it may have seemed like he just “fell off” but, the real reason could be; according to him, because of false allegations made by a transsexual named Sidney Star. 622 more words

News & Gossip

Campus Life for a Transgender or Transsexual Student

About two weeks ago I participated in an experiment with a fellow classmate. The experiment involved my male classmate dressing up as a woman and walking around Morgan State University’s campus to gauge the reactions of our fellow students. 612 more words

Re-evaluation +1m4d E

Much in all that transition is a turbulent time in your life, there are times that you have to sit back, block everything else out. You just need to think about what sort of goals that you may have set for yourself in a previous life and try to determine as to what their relevance is as your life changes. 574 more words

Gender Dysphoria

Hetero Couple Divorce in Order to Remarry as Same-Sex Spouses

Are you as confused as I am between sexual orientation and gender? Are you clear on what the difference is between transvestites, transsexuals, transgendered, or cross-dressers? 634 more words

Family Law

My Gender Hasn't Changed-- Language Is Just Playing Catch-Up

I’ve always had a pretty decent understanding of what the “inert nothingness” feels like within the context of myself; it’s just finding words to describe that experience that’s always been sucky. 826 more words