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Observations From the Sidelines...........

Happy Trans-Turkey Day.

When I was just thinking up my clever greeting for today, it reminded me of a now defunct airline known as ‘TTA’ that was here in Texas from 1944 until 1992 when they acquired Continental airlines. 1,328 more words

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Spirituality Vs. Religion

Talking a lot about religion and spirituality. You’ve been warned!

What do I say about religion? I feel like some would say this is blasphemous, others would say it isn’t harsh enough. 1,100 more words

Day dreaming

I spoke with my mother in-law today…actually I’ve been speaking with her a lot since her best friend committed suicide not to long ago. She seems to be in better spirits, but I won’t go into details with that. 394 more words


Should You Take T? 7 Suggestions To Help You Decide

To T or not to T? It’s a tough question. Testosterone is a powerful hormone that can radically alter your body and your internal landscape. For many trans guys and some nonbinary people, testosterone is a ticket to a new world in which body, mind, spirit, and social perception finally align. 1,122 more words

First Traniversary

One year on hormones. Wow. In many ways, it feels like a decade. A mostly happy decade.

First off, thank you readers. This blog began as a public journal so I could educate and explain things to those people close to my heart. 2,027 more words


It’s going. That’s all I can say about my life right now. I am beyond grateful to have a job that can pay the bills and pay to keep me near my son. 227 more words