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More of Me Bitching .........AKA........ My Cry For Help

Hi Thanks for stopping by again.

Nothing has changed here in my life. Same old alone 24/7 crap.

My mother is slowly getting worse. Dementia. It hurts me so but there is nothing I can do to help. 767 more words

Lisa Rhodes Blog

One Year Later

Its been exactly a year since I started transitioning, what all has changed exactly?

My body has changed a lot with the introduction of female hormones, and I have a lot more self esteem. 434 more words


Close-up: Jasmine has a headache

A busy weekend so I’m a little late getting down to this week’s blog. Let’s go straight to the next episode of the Jasmine Frame prequel, … 1,696 more words

Jasmine Frame

Puppy Play and Being Transsexual FTM

If you look at the title of this blog it’s called Kink And LGBT, but I haven’t really done a post putting those two things together in my previous posts and I feel quite disappointed in myself for that. 284 more words


Citations for people interested in the overlap of the Gender Spectrum and the Autism Spectrum

Feel free to let me know if I have left something off.  And if you have a better citation than I do that’s helpful too-I’m not detail oriented.  644 more words


My first holiday as 100% me! (Part 1)

I am on my travels again… and this time it is ALL being done presenting in the way I always should have been able to do – as Andrea! 680 more words

The Transition Blues

Sometimes, things really do get worse before they get better. I read a lot of blogs by people who are currently in transition, and I wish I could do more to help people survive that crazy time. 237 more words