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Six Ways to Stop Feminist Infighting Online

For decades, feminism has been dedicated to furthering and securing equal rights for women. From obtaining the right to vote to fighting for reproductive rights, women and their allies have been advocating for their right to live equally. 521 more words


Alexis Arquette Claims She Had Sex With Jared Leto While Presenting As A Man

Transsexual actress Alexis Arquette revealed several secrets during a Q&A, but the biggest, most shocking one she let slip was this:

She claims she had sex with… 115 more words

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"Call 4 Justice 4 Michael Brown"

I am sure like any other US citizen we have all heard the insane injustice that The Late Michael Brown received which ultimately cost the young 18 year old his precious life. 448 more words


Laser hair removal update

Now I just sit and wait. Tick tock……

For those of you that have never had laser, here is a little review of my experience with it so far. 611 more words


14 Month Summary

Everything is now focused on next month:  SRS.  Because I’m ‘older’ they wanted a cardiac stress test.  Now, I’m in pretty good shape and that, for a stress test, is bad news.   1,330 more words


Amazing Atheist and trans validation/acceptance

First of all, sorry for the inactivity. Summer’s been rough and i haven’t been in the mood for anything, lately! But i’m back now, and hopefully, i’ll get this blog back on its feet! 596 more words

I scared myself, my observant daughter, etc

As regular viewers will have read, I am now on holiday and not looking forward to prolonged suppression of Andrea.

I am in Austria with dear daughter (DD) and brother, see picture for a view from a walk in the mountains on our first day. 513 more words