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Taylor Mac - Walk

A short film/music video of Taylor Mac and his song “Fear Itself”.

Performed and written by Taylor Mac

Filmed, directed, edited by Matthew Snead

Film co-conceived by Taylor Mac and Matthew Snead… 50 more words


Rocky Horror - Dr. Frank N. Furter

It’s almost Halloween, folks. How many of you went to the midnight show of “Rocky Horror” when you were an angry teenager? I remember it as complete chaos, including but not limited to: trashy costumes, objects flying through the air, pushing and aggressive dancing, smuggled flasks shoved into fishnets, drunken singing, and a lot of yelling at the screen. 62 more words


Playing with myself

Perhaps the easiest way to ‘cross-dress’ is electronically. Games, whether online or single-player, can give players the chance to inhabit a world as almost anything they like (a sort of… 749 more words


'Blood Splatters Quickly': 5 Life Lessons From the Infamous Ed Wood

Most people know of Edward Wood, Jr. from Tim Burton’s Ed Wood, the 1994 “comedy-drama” starring Johnny Depp. Or if you haven’t seen the film, you may know of him simply as the cross-dressing auteur responsible for what is widely considered the worst film ever made, … 771 more words


Standing at the crossroads

Lately I’ve found myself thinking more and more about what the coming months hold for me as far as Ruth’s concerned. A year ago, as I tentatively began re-establishing my identity that had lain dormant for so many years, I couldn’t have possibly predicted where I would be now. 762 more words


Mario Banana

Andy Warhol’s Mario Banana (Nos. 1 and 2), 1964.
Two 16-mm film starring Mario Montez

The two films are less than 3 minutes each and are similar enough to appear to have been filmed on the same day. 174 more words