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Beyond hair gel

There is a point beyond which no amount of gel will hide long hair in place. I seem to have reached that point. Jokingly some friends have suggested that it’s beginning to look girly. 24 more words

Skiing en femme?

With all the gear on only my mouth is visible. I just need a nice red lipstick and I’m done.

Seriously though it is beautiful here in Austria this week.


She had persuaded me to come at sunrise.

‘That’s when the Goddess Renuka rises too.’

‘Who is Renuka?’I had asked, notebook in hand.

‘The goddess with the power to change your sex.’ 721 more words


Dress Day Dawns

You will understand the excitement that surges through you when a dress date finally arrives. Presumably I won’t need to go into too much detail. The rarity of them these days tends to build them up in my mind considerably, though they rarely disappoint. 787 more words

En Femme


He passed through me like a speed train skipping little peasant village. He was holding his head up gazed somewhere (probably nowhere) at the roof of the shopping mall. 700 more words


What's in a name?

Quite a lot it seems.

Seeing gender and sexuality as both on a spectrum rather than binary concepts creates such a variety of possibilities that labels become very difficult. 211 more words

The best month so far

Thanks to all of you for making January this blog’s best month so far for visitors, views and likes.

Before getting carried away I’m talking hundreds here. 235 more words