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Telling the boys from the girls...

The two girls were similarly dressed. Both wore blue. The taller of the two, Charlotte, wore a dress with a high collar and full skirt down to her knees. 170 more words


Drag Queens as Better Role Models than Disney Princesses

In this article  (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joy-martinmalone/drag-queens_b_4006697.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000003) Joy Martin-Malone argues that drag queens are better role models for her young daughters than the Disney Princesses. She opens by lamenting that her girls worship the princesses to the point of renaming colors (“belle” for “yellow”) and that she’s dumped a lot of money into a franchise she whole-heartedly disagrees with. 671 more words

When Things Really Aren't What They Seem

There’s a beautiful African American girl often seen on the Avenue. She’s a willowy, 6 foot gal with loping legs and a runway model’s leanness dressed as if she popped right out of Vogue. 253 more words


In Praise of the Basement Painter

I found this painting in the basement laundry room of my apartment building.

There is a table there where people put out things for people to take — clothes, old computer monitors, grubby toys, plastic dishes, and stuff like that. 1,115 more words



 I was invited to see a film by a local crew, one that focused on a town in the Isthmus of Oaxaca, San Blas Atempa.  The film, Atempa: Sueños a orillas del río /Atempa: Dreams by the River, is by Edson Jair Caballero Trujillo and is categorized as a sexual diversity documentary.   206 more words