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 I was invited to see a film by a local crew, one that focused on a town in the Isthmus of Oaxaca, San Blas Atempa.  The film, Atempa: Sueños a orillas del río /Atempa: Dreams by the River, is by Edson Jair Caballero Trujillo and is categorized as a sexual diversity documentary.   206 more words


Nan Nan & The Fellowship Of The Minds

I wrote a post called Narcissism, poking at a comment made about me on a blog called FellowshipOfTheMinds.  This was about a month ago when Nancy was going on about the First Lady, Michele Obama being a transvestite.  748 more words


Pulling Back The Curtain (For Just A Moment)

So I have been playing the Shtick pretty hard lately, just call me Benji Bronk!

Let’s pull that curtain back for a minute and take a breath. 947 more words


"Murrica" Has No First Lady!

… or a president, for that matter…

Is anything about the new world order that surprising?

Is America truly “One nation under God”, now?

I have debated many homosexuals online, been banned from their sites, banned from… 349 more words

Magnus Hirschfeld, Transvestites

Firstly, I love Hirschfeld’s pronoun-switching. It was almost amusing as I read how careful he was to use ‘he’ when describing d’Eon’s childhood upbringing, and then the immediate switch to ‘she’ when describing Mademoiselle d’Eon’s first encounter with Louix XV who perceived her as a beautiful young woman; marking the beginning of her transvestic career. 310 more words

2 Medicalizing Sex And Gender