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Taking Chances

I read a blog post today, 3 Reasons Everyone Should Hire Career-Changers, explaining career-changers are valuable to hire, one reason being, because they are not afraid to try new things or start over. 508 more words


Hanging off the side of a boat (and the consequences thereof)

Sorry. Again. Yes. I know.
Hey, today I sailed in a 420! It’s a boat (duh) that is inclined to tip all over the place, a problem which is solved by hanging someone over the edge as a counterweight. 341 more words


One Year On

It’s amazing the difference a year can make.

Around this time last year, I’d finally reached a breaking point and decided to quit my job because I was imploding. 602 more words

YAMAS AND NIYAMAS – 11.11.14 (APARIGRAHA – Hanging in Mid-Air)

Yoga allows us to walk on a tight rope … so to speak.  Half moon, standing splits, tree and other such poses allow us to figuratively walk on that tight rope.   400 more words


glitter and bruises

In case you’ve ever wondered what I do with all my spare time that isn’t spent in the kitchen:

(But mostly because I’m proud and excited and want to share.) 39 more words

Sweet Nothings

Wild Rose Steps in at the Circus

And why shouldn’t she fill in on the trapeze?
After all, she’s no stranger to ropes and heights.
And the Great Flying Sabrina couldn’t be all that great. 119 more words

Lofty speeches

I was being far too clever for my boots and knew that the guillotine was quivering above my head. Yes, I was stubborn. Who amongst you would admit to being so scared to sit down and write that you could barely contemplate the thought? 232 more words