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The Equipment

We sent back the equipment today with the exception of the trapeze bar.  I do think that it is something that we will purchase.  Seems silly to rent at a fee of about $60 per month when we can purchase the one we have in the home for $300 – and likely our insurance coverage will pay a portion since my husband’s mobility issue is chronic.  696 more words

Our Cancer Treatment Experience



Well, I finally found the time to head over to another figure drawing workshop.  This was a five hour session, but I had missed the first hour since I was at work Saturday morning.  232 more words


Best Thanksgiving Ever!

I am a little late….but in case you were wondering, this year was the best Thanksgiving EVER!

This Fall has certainly been crazy for Team Too Busy (that is our family’s new nickname…and it is certainly fitting!) It was great to be able to spend a few days with family resting and reflecting upon the past year. 478 more words


trapeze artist

the trapeze artist for this morning was the golden-crowned kinglet


Feature Friday: Fear of Flying

If you’ve been following H2C for some time, you will have already become familiar with the Feature Friday posts. All of them feature amazing feats such as base-jumping off of Mount Everest or the cautiously attempted lava kayaking; all tied together by a common theme- … 1,242 more words


Cirque de Villenave (or throwing myself into the French community)

Hi mum,

So I know you were telling me to join a club because it would be a great way to meet other French people and stay active etc. 592 more words


Flying Trapeze Philippines: What it Takes to Fly

Have you ever been to the circus and watched a flying trapeze show? I have. Like the child I was back then, I was in awe of the people who seemed to defy gravity. 768 more words