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Sometimes the words never reach my lips

My thoughts get lost along the trip

Sometimes I hold back what I want to say

Keep everything inside, never give anything away… 81 more words



He waits for her at
The edge of her dreams,
Standing guard as she moves
Silently about
Her prison.
She hears the horses
And hopes that today is the day… 152 more words


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Trapped Love

Listen to what you have internalized throughout your growing up years. It reveals itself slowly to us. You will find it in your immediate reaction to the news that some one with a demanding job is getting married. 46 more words

I truly should have joined the circus

The title of this blog is ‘I should have joined the circus’, and once again I see it coming to reality in my life.

I mean, yeah.. 578 more words

Eleanor: Photograph One

So… This is my style of photography guys, I know it’s a little weird, but expect to see more soon.

I hope you like this photo, share it around if you do!

The Girl


I study your face as you lay down to sleep beside me. You look so sad as you sleep, as though you’re having a bad dream. 111 more words

General Musing