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Cameras and Souls

I’m not a fan of the camera. Well I am, as long as it isn’t pointed at me. I despise having my photo taken for any reason. 376 more words

Tale of the trapped

Every moment of my life I live
A trapped-in-between perspective.
Two white walls creeping in
Front, a shadow, behind, a grin.

(Horror before my eyes… 198 more words


Everything is intrusive. The double bed drowns the room, otherwise sunken under the weight of too much meaningless refuse, pinning the chair to the desk. The desk turns its back on the vast windows that pour light and too much heat into the room in the safety of day.  159 more words


Weakened Rungs - A Ghazal

I gaze toward my creased knuckles
bony, carrying a tarnished ring.

I reach for a seething coffee cup,
lift it to my lips, leaving a tarnished ring. 42 more words


What is home? Everyone has a different definition to this term:

  • The web would define it as, ‘the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.’
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Shadow and light, and where am I going

I have a problem: Well not just one, like everyone I have many problems. This specific problem is: My problems are getting at me.

Over time I get highs and lows; sometimes the highs are good and long, but more often these days the lows are shallow and long. 966 more words

Head Thoughts