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Savage Spellbook & Trappings

Savage Spellbook is a 20-page guide to spell trappings written by Zadmar from the Pinnacle Entertainment Group forums. Its the single best document I’ve read about spell trappings – basically variations that are applied to spells and other abilities to make them distinct from one another. 952 more words


Let people see you....

A few women in the community reached out to me. They recognized me as a frightened lush. I told them about my most vile behavior, and they said, “Me too!” I told them about my crimes against the innocent, especially me. 92 more words


Matthew 23:1-12, “Trappings”, Nov. 2, 2014, Doug Fritzsche

Did you ever wonder what Jesus looked like?

I mean, we probably all had illustrated children’s Bibles with various depictions of Jesus-the-man. But beyond those, what do we know? 1,385 more words


True Detective, Season One (USA, 2014)

Directed by: Cary Joji Fukunaga. Readers of this blog might be familiar with my push-pull history of the temptation of television series, so I’ll spare the song and dance this time. 848 more words