Make Your Own Claptrap

Our Nerd Home is a great site for DIY geeky decor for your house. This time they have brought us a tutorial on how to make your own Claptrap trash can! 110 more words

Video Games

Trash Can face lift

Our recent chicken coop remodel has caused sequencing around our back yard.  Sequencing as defined by our friends the Hughes – purchasing or upgrading one item that then causes you to purchase and upgrade other items because they look terrible next to the new item!   416 more words


3/31 - Bucks @ Pistons!

My goodness, what a terrible match-up. If the NBA was a barrel, these two teams could be found lingering at the bottom of it. Milwaukee (14-59) enters The Palace tonight to face a down-and-out Detroit Pistons (26-47) squad. 405 more words

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On a random trash can

I saw this in the restroom of a little diner in Santa Maria a few days ago.

Two things:

  1. Are people really touching trash cans so much that they need to be fingerprint-resistant?
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Die Mäßigkeit

 More childishness.

Temperance tarot

trash can art

So Many Kinds Of Wrong

I was doing some online shopping tonight and came across this:

I have so many questions. I’m just going to go for it in one epic unfiltered run-on paragraph: 281 more words