Ohio Valley University "Trash Lax"

Part box, part trash can.

The D2 program in West Virginia (does that surprise you?) gets their preseason off and running with a small sided game with even smaller goals than box nets. 18 more words


If I owned a vacation rental...

-I would not provide a lidless trash can in a house that rents to people with dogs.

-I would not place a lidless trash can in an open living area. 99 more words

Christmas Tree Graveyard

Where Christmas trees go once the big day is over. Anyway at IKEA Bangkok.

Keep Shooting


Trash Can - Fornasetti

i have recently become obsessed with the idea of fancy trash. seeking a fornasetti wastebasket. totally decadent. totally unnecessary. must be a devil on my shoulder.

Various Chic

The Cat's in the Bag

I sit in the tote bag
and watch the world
although my eyes cannot see.
I feel the vibrations,
smell food and friends
and know everything‚Äôs as it should be… 75 more words


Nets try to solve leaking roof by putting a trash can on the court

The Brooklyn Nets, who have the newest arena in the league, noticed an unfortunate roof leak at the Barclays Center during a Tuesday night game against the Miami Heat that stopped play. 120 more words