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In Praise of Girlfriends

Let me never forget that your Heart is made from the Stars.
Every woman, I think, needs in her corner one or two good girlfriends. 74 more words


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Beautiful piece of advice for recovery after a narcissist.

Happy Dance.

Tonite I am doing a small “happy dance” because I crossed a milestone marker. I am feeling really positive about leaving the narcissist behind me. It was something while it lasted, but now it’s over and it’s time to move on. 223 more words


Not Total Victory, But A Step In The Right Direction.

In many posts, I have written that my narcissist, David, is my soulmate, my Twin Flame, my zivug. I believe he is. I believe I… 631 more words


Adaption & Restoration, III: Stages

My previous post outlined four elements commonly associated with the process of adaption and restoration. These four elements (projection, quest, unity in multiplicity, and the persona) move through three stages (differentiation, confrontation, and reunion) in order to help an individual gradually separate her-/himself from the persona, confront the depths of unconscious activity, and reconcile the multiplicity of conflicting elements within the psyche to create psychological balance.[1] This post describes the three stages of differentiation, confrontation, and reunion. 714 more words

Mikhail Bulgakov

Consider a PTSD Claim

A UK Law Firm asked me to post this infographic on PTSD. I am happy to do anything that helps raise awareness of this debilitating disorder and the things that cause it. 464 more words

Olivia Grey

Links between childhood trauma & adult chaos and hoarding

I know these two things don’t seem to be related, but my experience has been that for some people, there’s several links that can be very difficult to manage. 2,640 more words

Mental Health

It continues to be a never ending, exhausting battle for survival.

Woke up at around 4am’ish, from a nightmare. A nightmare about severe abuse no-one should ever even know about, let alone endure, feel such pain and suffering. 425 more words

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This is a beautiful post. I like the love she gives herself at the end.