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Research Update - Phase 3: Trauma Recovery for East African Refugees in San Diego

Have you ever taken a risk to venture out and do something – knowing it might not go the way you hope – and then had it turn out better than you ever imagined it could? 867 more words

News And Observations

Pre-Manifesto Publicity Release.

For over a week, I have been working on a Manifesto.

man·i·fes·to : a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer…

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Dust (Dance) with Shostakovich's String Quartet No.8 in C minor

Shostakovich, a Russian composer, visited Dresden, Germany in 1960 after WWII (see the Bombing of Dresden on Wiki) Shostakovich wrote the String Quartet No. 8 in C minor… 74 more words

Trauma Recovery

Nearing the speed of light

We all have core beliefs about who and what we are that we hold to be true but which ultimately have only relative value, at best. 606 more words


Trauma research needs to be more global and accessible

Imagine a 7-year old boy living in India. One day, his father gets drunk and kills his mother. The boy is a witness to the homicide, and develops a high fever as a response. 445 more words

Trauma Recovery

Phobias ain't phobias hey

Post op pain is a bitch. The ENT was kind enough to warn me that the procedures I’ve had done tend do two pain spikes, around days 3 and 7. 633 more words

Mental Health

Pain, & truth, & holding onto the stories that heal

I don’t much appreciate the hedgehog that’s living in my throat, and whoever sneaks in while I’m sleeping to stuff skewers in my ears and glue in my sinuses is not on my Christmas card list. 1,846 more words

Mental Health