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Fuck sake some people. Why do people not listen. They challenge what you say. Can’t they just fuckn hear it the first time and get it. 31 more words


a big fright

I got a pretty big fright yesterday. Someone started following me who writes porn. I panicked and took my blog into hiding until i managed to sort it out. 100 more words

Suicide Talk- Hugs and cake are avaible

Hello my lovely followers, how are you all doing?

As the title of this post, the topic is about suicide. Depression In the United States alone, estimates for those diagnosed with the disease range from 17 to 21 million people a year or roughly 10 percent of the country.  323 more words

Courtney Phillips on the Traumas of Working as an ER Nurse

I met Katy* when she had just finished a 12-hour night shift at hospital. She was wired on energy drinks, something that most of the fellow nurses in her age group relied on to get through the gruelling work week. 1,482 more words


Surveying the Damage

I’m working through the reality of the past 3 years. It’s been exhausting and it’s definitely taken it’s toll on my body, my heart, and my mind. 380 more words



People need to understand and respect this! Spread the word.