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You need to let me go, because you've already lost me.

I loved you.

And I keep putting that to the back of my mind. I keep telling myself that it can’t have been real, that it wasn’t real, that I never really knew you so how could it have been love at all? 380 more words


And so you sit.

And so you sit.

You sit and you think to yourself ‘where am I?’, ‘where did I go?”.  And you wonder.  You wonder for so long that time moves and stands still all at once, so that eventually hours have passed and yet nothing has changed at all.   124 more words


Shattering Wholes: Creatively Subverting the University and Other Mobs—A Fragment

The University is not an alma mater, but a milk-cow.   Not just scoundrels can milk it. Neither to believe it, nor to believe in it, nor to serve it, but to serve oneself to it, should be the order of the day.

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This 'living'

None of it feels real, this life…this ‘living’.  And yet here I remain, what’s left of me still on what they call the right side of the ground.   159 more words


Bullying leads to depression

So its no secret that as a teen we were severely bullied in school. When we started secondary school we were going to school in the bording school in dublin. 371 more words

30 day self harm challenge, day one

How long have you been self harming? Discuss why you started.

Well…we’re self harmers, not all of us are though. There are some members of the system for whom self harm is a coping mechanism…they cant help doing it, because it gives them relief from the pain they feel. 128 more words