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Magnesium – Why it is so important to good health.

As my clients know, I often talk about the importance of magnesium and the benefits it has for anxious and depressed people.  Any unresolved trauma plays havoc on the bodies magnesium supply.   612 more words


12. Mirror Image

To create some order out of the chaos with was going on around us, I focused on school and finishing school. I felt that if I could pull this off, then in a way I had won and they had lost. 439 more words

Creative Writing

My heart is so heavy today

Dear America,

My heart is so heavy right now. A grand jury indictment should be so easy to make. When nine out of twelve jurors need to say that yes, there is probable cause of criminal activity, and when nine out of twelve jurors are white and there is no indictment, my heart is heavy. 377 more words

Trampled Souls

Take a step outside of your present shell for a little while, separate yourself from all that you’ve become, all that you’ve found comfort with. Try to imagine.. 1,251 more words


The New York Times “likes” me… and I haven’t even finished writing my book

Okay, I’ll admit it, saying that the New York Times likes me, when all they did was “like” my comment about the horrific way we treat mental illness in this country, is a bit of a stretch. 414 more words


From Trauma to Transformation

After a loss there is a period of grief and then, as described by experts, “acceptance” of the loss and moving on. In regards to the ending of a long marriage, I do not think that it is that simple as I believe the supposed ‘grief’ period is just the first stage of several difficult stages on a journey to a completely different life. 593 more words