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Huh? NFL Fined Seahawks $300K For Being Rough!

Apparently, the National Football League (NFL), a playground where hard hits are relatively common occurrences, has fined head coach Pete Carroll and team for a combined total of $300,000 for violating no-contact rules. 110 more words


Insights Into Military Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

 Carol L Henricks, MD

 I just returned from the 2014 International Hyperbaric Medical Conference with new and powerful insights. My thanks to Dr. Paul Harch and to physiologist Tom Fox for helping to bring to light the mechanism of injury of a TBI  as well as the proper treatment. 704 more words


Concussions: More than a game changer

By Stephen Hudson

If it’s August, then it must be football season in the Palmetto State. As players take to the gridiron with football practice and games this fall, it remains important to take precaution when it comes to reducing the risk of… 186 more words


Excessive sleep need following traumatic brain injury: a case–control study of 36 patients

…We conclude that post-traumatic pleiosomnia may be even more frequent than reported previously, because affected patients often underestimate their actual sleep need. Furthermore, these patients exhibit an increase in slow-wave sleep which may reflect recovery mechanisms, intrinsic consequences of diffuse brain damage or relative sleep deprivation… 21 more words

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High-school Football Teams Test Portable Concussion Indicator

There is growing concern about brain injuries arising from concussions, especially in young players. Research has shown that concussions, once thought to be harmless, actually injure the brain. 165 more words

Traumatic Brain Injury

SPEAK OUT! NewsBit . . . . . . Scientists Search for Therapies for Brain Injury

Stimulation of Specific Neurons Enhances Recovery

Research at Stanford University examined recovery from stroke in mice, but its significance will affect future therapy for brain injuries in humans. 250 more words

Traumatic Brain Injury

Innovative Drug Therapy Offers Hope after Brain Injuries

Dr. Edward Tobinick, founder of the Institute of Neurological Recovery, is the lead author of an observational study in the journal CNS Drugs that provides clinical data supporting the effectiveness of… 167 more words

Edward Tobinick