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Survivors SPEAK OUT! Bart Boughner

SPEAK OUT! – Bart Boughner


Donna O’Donnell Figurski

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Bart Boughner

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Traumatic Brain Injury

[WEB SITE] Emotional adjustment following traumatic brain injury

Life after a traumatic brain injury resulting from a car accident, a bad fall or a neurodegenerative disease changes a person forever. But the injury doesn’t solely affect the survivor – the lives of their spouse or partner and other family members often are also turned inside out. 120 more words


[ARTICLE] Endocrine and Non-Endocrine factors Contributing to Chronic Fatigue After Traumatic Brain Injury


Endocrine disorders did not appear to play a major role in Chronic fatigue after TBI. Vitamin D deficiency, poor sleep and anxiety were identified as the most important factors associated with pTBI-CF. 32 more words

Traumatic Brain Injury

The Ghosts of Loneliness

The month after the September 11th terrorist attacks, my wife and I decided to visit the harvest festival at Cox Farms in Virginia. We went hoping to find more than just hay bales and pumpkins. 592 more words


[ARTICLE] Categorizing Cognitive Performance in Traumatic Brain Injury Using Multiple Correspondence Analysis

Results indicate that patterns of cognitive deficits can be found in individuals who have suffered certain types of head injuries, particularly blast related injuries.The mechanism of blast type injuries, the initial shockwave and subsequent accelaration-decelaration shearing forces, could account for increased poor performance in these individuals.The analysis also indicates that poor performance in tests of immediate and delayed recall may be effected by blast related head injuries.Supplementary projections of GOSE scores were not as evenly distributed across the factor space along the first component, which suggests that scores may not represent the level of cognitive performance in the study sample, particularly for high performing participants.This analysis demonstrates that multiple correspondence analysis is a useful tool in determining the structure of the data and can be used to detect particular deficits in certain subgroups of individuals who have suffered a traumatic brain injury. 18 more words


Caregivers SPEAK OUT! . . . . . Gill Evans

SPEAK OUT! – Gill Evans


Donna O’Donnell Figurski

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Gill Evans

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Traumatic Brain Injury

[WEB SITE] Traumatic Brain Injury A to Z

Welcome to The Journey Home – the CEMM Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Web Site. This site provides an informative and sensitive exploration of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), including information for patients, family members, and caregivers. 71 more words