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What was Supposed to Happen

I was supposed to have my Dad in my life so he and I could know each other as adults and maybe friends.  I was supposed to go on holidays with him and my mom and we would play cards, watch sunsets and talk about my daughter and her future.  1,092 more words


Art Therapy for TBI?

I had a very busy, stressful day yesterday so I had lots to write about this morning.  When I sat down to write, I couldn’t. No writer’s block here.   341 more words

Traumatic Brain Injury

Listening: A Skill Worth Developing

Today I am sitting in at a desk on the sixth floor of a building at Utah Valley University. This particular desk has a beautiful view of Utah Lake and Lake Mountain. 761 more words

Survivors SPEAK OUT! . . . . . DeWayne Banner

Survivors SPEAK OUT! . . . . . DeWayne Banner


Donna O’Donnell Figurski

1. What is your name? (last name optional)

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2. Where do you live? 850 more words

Traumatic Brain Injury

A Clinical Trial of Progesterone for Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

LanAnh Ngo, Mercer University College of Pharmacy 2015

Progesterone is commonly known as a female reproductive hormone, but studies have shown its pleotropic properties as a neuroprotective agent.1 The use of progesterone in traumatic brain injury has been studied to take advantage of this property and possibly for application into clinical practice. 403 more words

Article Summaries

Treating the Sequelae of Postoperative Meningioma and Traumatic Brain Injury: A Case of Implementation of Craniosacral Therapy in Integrative Inpatient Care

A 2015 case study showing the use of craniosacral therapy to help a 50 year old female with refractory headaches, vertigo, and cervicobrachial syndrome following and traumatic brain injury. 75 more words