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July 28, 2014; The day we promised to love each other forever.

With his relocation months behind us, it was time for me to start planning our wedding day. He suggested meeting on the east coast. We threw a few destinations around and settled on Florida. 545 more words


(not so) Alay-alay goes to Kuala Lumpur

Hi all,

As one of the members of the random traveler team, I was forcedencouraged to contribute an article to our random blog. I am not fond of writing a story, although writing a story from your experience is easier, I just can’t get the feeling… 657 more words


VIDEO: 'The rebels beat me with guns'

In the first part of his road trip across Ukraine ahead of parliamentary elections, Steve Rosenberg meets a candidate who was persecuted by pro-Russian rebels. 12 more words


VIDEO: Victimised by rebels in east Ukraine

A woman who helped the Ukrainian army fight in east Ukraine has detailed the violence pro-Russian rebels then subjected her to.

from BBC News – World… 8 more words


Sicily Food

Simply put FOOD IS LOVE.

Food comes from the earth and to love food is to love the earth.

Food is culture, a story on your plate that unveils thousands of years of history. 200 more words



Flying just beyond the edge of darkness
Existence pared to sleeping
     or watching the little screen
while time             
                                                                     i   n   f   i   n   i   t   e   l   y
yet arriving almost before we leave

No sensation of movement
    unless walking the aisles
    when muscles cry for action
      (don’t risk blood clots)

Human peas in a silver pod

Perhaps there are no others


The lives we might have led...

A strange thing happened to me the other week.

There I was, idly reading the various reports of Amal Alamuddin’s marriage to George Clooney, when I suddenly became aware of an odd feeling. 548 more words

Just Life