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How To Travel With Bites of Style

“Distractions are intrusions of the mind on a mission to disrupt your stylish future. Now what will you do?  ”  Brandy Sebastian

The middle seat on any airplane sucks, it really does! 353 more words

Bites Of Style

What to buy for your first backpack adventure?

When you’re going to backpack for the first time, you don’t have everything you need for your trip. Of course you need a backpack, but that’s not the only thing you need. 761 more words


Must Have Items #3 - Bottle-feeding Travel Accessories

If you choose to bottle-feed your child, you may become overwhelmed with everything you need to pack before leaving the house.

I have found some great items that helped minimize what I needed to bring, while making sure I still had everything I would need for my outing. 260 more words

Must Haves

10 Inexpensive Travel Gifts

Travel accessories make excellent gifts, whether for a work colleague, family member or friend (even yourself!) and sometimes it’s the small, inexpensive items that make a huge difference to life on the road. 991 more words



You could assume that I have traveling down to an art by now. But the truth is…I really don’t. When I have to pack, I sit in front of my suitcase paralyzed, I sleep really badly if I have to catch an early flight, and despite never being late for anything, I always manage to run into trouble on my way to the airport, cutting it too short for my liking all the time. 655 more words


Best Carry-On Luggage

According to Fodor’s these are the thumbs up, approved bags to carry on. In all price ranges. I’ve been in the market for new luggage (see: holes in my current luggage and zippers that don’t close all the way) so I thought I would share what they had to say. 1,985 more words