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The Case For Bad Luck

Not All Those Who Wander..

Miraculously Got Lucky…

The Choice Is Yours.

“Mosquito spray, sunscreen, and travel-size toiletries? Is your trip for business or fun?” inquired the curious cashier at Target. 523 more words


It's arrived - the TX-6 Camprite lands

The beautifully made Camprite TX-6 arrived today, with the NSW rep, Colin giving us the introduction, and showing us how everything works. We’re very happy. Given it is squeezed into the front yard it’s a bit tricky to get good photos but here are a few. 98 more words

Journey Narrative

Stoneman Lake

           Let go. Go out into the forest with your best friends and forget all of life’s worries. If that means taking your top off to feel the extra breeze from the mountain air, then just do it. 285 more words

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Trip Planning

My trusty Australian Geographic Map of Australia (for Travellers & Dreamers) is undergoing serious scrutiny at the moment. Even the kids are getting into it putting their suggestions on coloured post-it notes (one of Hannah’s suggestions – “Perth – lots of swans”) 181 more words

Journey Narrative

2 weeks left to pack up the house!

Here’s a picture of a fraction of our material belongings being stacked meticulously(?) into storage. It is a great opportunity to get rid of stuff that has been lying around for a while too. 155 more words

Journey Narrative


North Dakota.

If I were to describe it, I would use words such as “windy”, “flat”, “dry”, and most importantly, “the-place-with-no-trees”. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before! 458 more words


Home away from home

One of our favourite places to eat has to be Anjappar Doha. It was our, “home away from home” for the two years that we lived in Qatar. 283 more words

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