Prawn Salad - for your Inner Seafood Traveller!

Seafood! Do I need to say more? I probably do as you may just be left with that one word echoing through your brain causing tidal waves of cravings and not knowing why.   552 more words

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The Grandeur of Rome

I first heard about Rome and its ancient history when I was in high school through World History, Mythology and Literature. The famous line 1,020 more words

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Idyllwild: Downtown

As promised, a photo post on the tiny town of Idyllwood, California. We were only in town for two nights, but you instantly feel at home in this isolated mountain village that is only a couple of hours out from LA. 279 more words


Jhansi Fort

“Jhansi gale ki fansi,
Datia gale ka haar;
Lalitpur kabhun na chodiyo,
jab tak mile udhar.”

We start off this blog with our visit to Jhansi, specifically to Jhansi fort.   963 more words


reflections from doubtful sound

Nice pic from Leigh – taken from our campsite at the head of the Gaer arm near Camelot river. The peaks are all over 1000 metres but this day we did not need to strain our necks – the reflection from the surface was enough

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weekend escape....

There are a lot of nice places now that are accessible  from manila where you can go for a weekend of relaxation or bonding with family. 280 more words


Vacation Time: Poland for Two Weeks

The family I work for is going away for two weeks, which means VACATION TIME FOR ME! YAY! I made the decision to go to Poland because I have always had some unexplainable pull towards the country and I was pretty inspired by  248 more words

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