Berlin Bärlin Bear-lin

We arrived in Berlin later than we thought we would, around 7pm. Checked into our hostel and decided to go get something to eat. I tried schnitzel for the first time, it was pretty tasty although a little dry. 676 more words


Whoa, whoa, whoa, no I didn't forget Oslo Part 2!

The Santa thing was just so exciting I decided to jump ahead. I don’t want to sound dramatic but I will anyway. EVERY day since I left the north has been AMAZING. 609 more words

Lake Como

I went to: Bellagio, Lenno, Menaggio, Varenna


I stayed at: Pescallo Apartments in Bellagio (£££££)


Mini Review:

I went here because…

We wanted to go somewhere beautiful with our parents for a long weekend to relax. 821 more words

The logistics of relocating really aren't all that glamorous.

Hurray! Apparently our first two boxes that we sent off back from home before coming here are now finally in Istanbul! Not sure why it took so long as they were shipped by air and the last few days we tracked it, the freight was city hopping between Vienna and Istanbul. 738 more words

Inspiring Places

a Yangtze River cruise - day four - the Jingzhou Museum

In this final part of the river cruise picture essay, we take a short excursion on shore to the Jingzhou Museum.

On the beautifully landscaped grounds of the museum complex. 253 more words


In the hotspot

Access to Wi-fi in the Alps occurs on a day-to-day basis! We were without it for two days in the hotel, and I’ve seen members of our group, and other tourists, walking around with their phones held high like lighters at an eighties rock show, trying to locate a connection. 121 more words


Hiking the Chilkoot Trail

Hiking the Chilkoot Trail is on a lot of peoples to do list, mine included. It has the famed history of being the trail that people took to the last of the worlds great gold rushes, to ‘The Klondike’. 1,945 more words