Travelling in Taichung

More photos from our trip to Taichung: you can see photos from a flea market we visited here.

None of us where Taiwanese, but I was the only non-asian. 84 more words

Exchange Year

Day 6: Exploring Nice

When we woke up Wednesday, it was rainy out. We got a late start trying to decide what to do. My sister decided to go for a run while my parents, Will and I headed right down our street to… 315 more words

Travel Blog: Follow My Footsteps

Paoay Sand Dunes and Pakbet (Ilocos Day 1)

Huling lakwatsa ng 2014! Woohoo!

Ilocos was one of the many places we wanted to visit, and last October, biglaan lang we registered with AWNW… 463 more words

Travel Blog


Hey everyone!

I thought I’d make a travel blog to keep track of some of the things I do in Florence and beyond. I’ll try to post often, but I’m guessing I’ll be busy! 31 more words


The New York Address Book

Being a crazy planner I always, always, always have an address book when I head overseas. I look up places that are “must try”, I write down recommendations from friends and travel guides and I record the addresses down so if I’m stuck for a place to go I can consult the address book. 1,606 more words