Easter and especially the prospect of a long weekend is making us extremely generous! We throw in a box of delicious chocolates by Dominique Persoone. 51 more words

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Vacation Kickoff Post!


If you’re reading this, you might be my mother. (Hi, mom.)

If you’re not my mother, I guess you must be someone else. You might even be a total stranger to me. 332 more words


Scone Master

So… we bought this bag of scone mix, and raisins because in Dunedin where we are right now we have an oven and that is a rare commodity in a hostel so I made one batch of raisin scones this morning, then we went to the beach, got back, decided that the mix was too heavy to carry around so we decided another batch was in order… we have scones to last us for DAYS, now!! Its a bit insane… #yolo

Happily in Cartagena with Katie!

We have managed to shift the horrible food poisoning we had (for a week!!) and arrived in Cartagena, Colombia yesterday. Cartagena is beautiful and bustling, warm and hectic, but also calm and magical. 35 more words

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The Long Way

Covering hills like rain
these relentless, lying paths
Nothing forgiven by what is gained
born to rise up — up the long way

“It was a very long journey,” he said in summation, his hands wrapped around his coffee cup and his tone weary at the memory. 1,924 more words


Greystone Mansion

Chances are you’ve seen Greystone Mansion, too many times, in movies. It has appeared in X-men, Spiderman, Air Force One, just to name a few. What you probably not know is that this place is actually free for everyone to see. 218 more words