Bali Part 3: Discovering Ubud

So today I left Seminyak and started the trip towards Ubud, which is up North and towards the centre rainforest of Bali. Having spent 5 days in Seminyak, I can definitely say it was enough time, and that I saw everything I wanted to see and had plenty of relaxation time before the adventures that Ubud had install for me. 498 more words


Washington D.C.: The National Mall

Like any other travel experience, it is always the hardest to think about leaving on the last day. I have learned and grew so much over the past few days, and I can almost paint a picture of what I want my future to be. 520 more words


The Day I Waited

Check out was at 10 so I woke up promptly at 9:30 and hurried to get everything packed and myself clean. I made it 20 minutes late but they didn’t say anything, probably because 20 minutes late was pretty early for most guests. 818 more words

Travel Blog

It's Official!

If you have visited the blog in the last week or so, you may have noticed a little change. I am no longer operating under the WordPress domain, I decided to bite the bullet and make it official! 194 more words


There's Hope in Arapahoe

After my interview with Crystal (see previous blog post), she connected me with two other gun violence survivors based in the outlying suburbs of Denver. The first was Kirk Bast, head counselor at Arapahoe High School for nearly 20 years. 706 more words

Day 11: Ibiza 10th of July

Sun piercing through the balcony window, my eyes were forcibly opened against my will. Burning my eyes, never have I been more unimpressed by what I’d usually identify as perfect weather. 2,134 more words

All the necessary introductions...

Hi there,

If you’re reading this, it means you’re curious who I am and what the I’m all about. You may or may not have decided to donate to my fundraiser—I really hope you will. 169 more words