A HUGE Thank You

This will be my last post for a little bit.  The semester is winding down to an end as final exams, projects and presentations creep up on me.   369 more words


Mykonos: Postcard from an Ex-Corporate Adventurer (Bikini.com)

For years, every move I made at my corporate job in the business world was two things: strategic and calculated. But on the island of Mykonos, neither of those things even exists. 105 more words


Picture of the Week: Lake Bled, Slovenia

This time last week I was in Bled, Slovenia, taking pictures of its lovely lake.  There’s an unbelievably medieval feeling around the lake.  I was hoping for better weather, but I feel like the clouds actually set the mood of the shot better than any sunlight ever could.   156 more words


Shanghai Shooting Club

Where in Shanghai can one shoot a gun? was a question that was randomly on our mind last Sunday evening. A quick search on SmartShanghai and we found our answer: East Shanghai Shooting & Archery Club. 567 more words



Oops this is a bit delayed, but y’all guess what? It’s delayed because I just finished finals!!! DONE! Woohoo!! No more work, no more studying, just sweet sweet blissful fun. 626 more words


20 Things Travel Taught Me This Month

  1. Bollywood is bloody good.
  2. Carrying a live chicken into the Sumatran jungle is surreal. Watching it later be slaughtered in the halal way is traumatic. …
  3. 271 more words

Ride to Lansdowne

I behave sometimes Lazy..Believe me,there are many trips that i want to share here.But …

This travel story is all about one of the cleanest town in Uttrakhand. 634 more words

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