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When all else fails, use a vending machine!

Traveling to another country and barely speaking their language can be fun and frustrating at the same time. Though there are many useful translator apps nowadays that comes in handy especially when traveling, it doesn’t always help you when you need it the most. 935 more words


London Day 4

After a night at A’s apartment in Hammersmith, we had an early start to the next day thanks to his tendency to actually respond to alarm clocks. 549 more words

London Day 3

On the 21st August, I took a train from Cambridge (home of Anglia Ruskin University) to King’s Cross with friends from the conference. Apart from the gorgeous countryside, I had a good time looking at the stations passing by, most of which were named quirkily. 568 more words

Down House. Disneyland.

After a trip to the Natural History museum, I absolutely had to visit Down House–the place where Darwin lived after his historic Beagle journey. The house is in the burrough of Bromley, a half hour train ride from London. 568 more words

Snippets of Singapore: The Singapore Food Trail

One of my favourite things about travelling: no matter how many times you visit a foreign city or country, you ALWAYS find amazing new things to see and do. 478 more words


London Day 2

First half of Day 2 was spent working.

Second half of Day 2 was spent on a train to, *drumroll*, Cambridge! I slept through most of the journey and allowed the legendary English countryside to whiz by unnoticed, and Cambridge station welcomed me with this: 206 more words

London Part 1

The lady at the Heathrow immigration counter didn’t smile at me. Neither did it appear that she had ever smiled at her job. There’s something to be said about welcoming people to your country, man. 379 more words