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Postcard from Sidi Makhlouf

“Crossing the Trans-Saharan Highway on a bus w/ a French girl named Janine. She fell asleep with her open journal on her lap, so I’ll borrow some of her words, transport them across languages, put a stamp on it, and send it to you. 128 more words

The Lighthouse

It’s 12:47am and I’m in a bar at a chatty table of 8, though I don’t understand a word anyone is saying. A game show is on TV, the players dolled in bowl cut wigs and antique soldier outfits. 1,222 more words

The Vanguard: A Fantasia by Arnold Bennett (1927)

Review by George Simmers:

The Vanguard¬†is one of Arnold Bennett’s lighter novels, a story of the (mostly good-humoured)¬† rivalry between two very rich men. 523 more words

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