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Modern Travel Kicks the Habit of Spontaneity

One of the fun things about traveling is not knowing what will happen when you get there. Crazy stuff happens at the last minute. You think you can catch a train to the next town and you can’t. 708 more words

Thai Twist


Postcard from Sidi Makhlouf

“Crossing the Trans-Saharan Highway on a bus w/ a French girl named Janine. She fell asleep with her open journal on her lap, so I’ll borrow some of her words, transport them across languages, put a stamp on it, and send it to you. 128 more words


The Lighthouse

It’s 12:47am and I’m in a bar at a chatty table of 8, though I don’t understand a word anyone is saying. A game show is on TV, the players dolled in bowl cut wigs and antique soldier outfits. 1,222 more words

The Vanguard: A Fantasia by Arnold Bennett (1927)

Review by George Simmers:

The Vanguard is one of Arnold Bennett’s lighter novels, a story of the (mostly good-humoured)  rivalry between two very rich men. 523 more words

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