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Brand Up Series: Thanks for your Support


Check out the video I made for today’s Brand Up Series Update!!

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The Green Line Divide - Book

Romance, Travel, and Turmoils.

By Z Vally

Join Alexis and Sven, a Swedish United Nations officer on a touching, hilarious journey that carries readers to various parts of the globe to explore romance, relationships, personal growth, and culture like no other than… 367 more words

The perfect Gift for anyone who loves writing

In many ways, it was born out of frustration. Frustration with editors who want the same formulaic junk that sold by the bucketload last year, frustration with editorial decisions being made by accountants, frustration with marketing departments who reserve their entire budget for the same half dozen or so big names, frustration with being constantly depressed by the gloomy state of the publishing industry. 417 more words

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Outside your Bedroom Window in the Rain

Been struck down with the neck hernia thingy again, thus the posts here have been a bit scant.

Never  mind, I’m still rifling though old poems and stories and casting them out to see where they land. 175 more words

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8. The Book I Think Is Most Underrated

Heaven Lake by John Dalton

Back in 2004, this novel squeaked through shelves, won some awards, but never gained the notoriety I thought it deserved. I think my Goodreads review says it all: 112 more words

Book Review

Ten Million Elephants

…My destination was the ancient Laotian city of Luang Prabang, and short of riding down on another human being like a khaki-clad British imperialist squinting his rabbit-like features, his “little triangle of fore-teeth visible between the lips”, there were three different paths I might take to this place that lay over the world’s edge: bus, airplane, or boat. 378 more words