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Look Like a Big Fish: Join a Consortium!

Today’s traveler’s have their pick of travel booking options—which (gasp!) still includes using the services of a trusted, local travel agent. But not everyone is convinced that their hometown agency can give them the best deal on a trip. 545 more words

Become A Travel Agent

Crystal Balls and Mince Pies

The future of the travel industry.  I’ve been thinking about that statement.  I don’t have any certainties although I do have some predictions for 2015, here goes… 417 more words


First Interview Ever-- Travel Interview

Joanne Telfer has been around the world and back. Between being a small town Spanish teacher, a professor, a travel agent, a traveler, she somehow took the time to be interviewed. 693 more words


Taking Britain Further

The Airports Commission into airport expansion is our last and best opportunity to connect all of Britain to global growth.

Earlier this month, the Commission published its analysis of the prize a new runway at Heathrow could deliver – over £200bn for the British economy and 180,000 new jobs. 422 more words


Price of oil closes below $60 for the first time since July 2009

Oil prices continued their steady decline Thursday, sinking past another milestone as the price of crude dropped below $60 per barrel for the first time in five years. 148 more words


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I'm eager for the drop in oil prices to translate into lower fuel surcharges when you buy an air ticket. Often the taxes can cost more than the air ticket itself. The airline stocks are doing well due to the savings in fuel and have no incentive to pass the savings to the customer in a booming travel industry. All flights are 90 percent full for the holidays. I'm glad I'm not travelling right now with the packed flights and high season charges. If we want airlines to pass the savings to us we have to stop flying and that doesn't seem likely right now.

Best Town in Ireland

For those who have read my other post about things to do in the Republic of Ireland, this one goes a little more in depth about my favorite place: Dingle! 873 more words


My Journey to Becoming a Travel Agent (So Far)

This is a subject that I had to research pretty extensively before jumping into myself. If you are sitting there, pondering what to do with your life, and think that something in the travel industry might be for you, please continue. 772 more words