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Kagoshima: Japan's Friendliest City?

In this video, I explore Kagoshima, which has apparently been voted Japan’s friendliest city in many polls. As a stranger in a far-away land, I didn’t necessarily think it was any more friendly than, say, Fukuoka. 100 more words


Outdoors Shimoda

What a weekend! After over one year in Japan we actually got back on our Mountain bikes. Thanks to http://www.alohabike.com/ we had a great MTB trip around Shimoda (Thanks Ken!!) Including single tracks, sometimes steep, narrow & stony, sometimes smooth and wide and always with a nice view. 50 more words

Misch Masch

The Rising Sun of Mount Fuji in Japan

There is no doubt that the world is full of diverse nature and appealing beauty. The lands have been marked with borders and claiming of lands and fighting for it has divided the beauties into a different part of the world or countries. 331 more words


Keeping Your Face Warm in Hokkaido

If you’re like me, you’ve never seen snow before. This is because you’re from Australia, and you only travel to Europe when it’s June or July. 79 more words


The Kasedori Festival, Kaminoyama

After spending a week in Hokkaido, I decided to travel to Kaminoyama, which is a small castle-town near Yamagata City. Although a lovely little town in its own right, I’d actually come to experience the bizarre ‘Kasedori Festival, which takes place every year in which the town residents dress as straw-birds and shout, ‘Ka-ka-ka, ka-ka-ka!’ All I knew about it was that it was a traditional prayer-dance which was designed to prevent fires. 202 more words


The Sapporo Snow Festival: From Little Things, Big Things Grow

The Sapporo Snow Festival, or the Yuki Matsuri, is a famous festival held each year in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Apparently it all started in 1950, when some high school students decided to build snowmen in the local park. 189 more words