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In a brief aside from osteoarchaeology, I thought I’d focus a quick entry on what I’ve been reading lately as I wait for my arm to heal.   707 more words


"In the South Seas", by Robert Louis Stevenson

A few weeks ago, browsing through the travel literature section of a book shop, I found a copy of a book I never knew existed. It was named In the South Seas, and the author was a person who, in my ignorance, I used to associate to those pirate novels that we were (forced to) reading at school. 642 more words

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Calling yourself a writer to the middle class can be like coming out of the closet to rednecks.

In 2005 I finished a science degree; this set me up for boring jobs. I was a logical thicker once. At least the job options paid.   253 more words

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Never fear Argentina, the ‘Volunteer Worker’ is here. Travel Literature / Travel Writing

Before I left Buenos Aires, I met two Australian gentlemen who’d lost their bank cards: ‘We’re in a bit of strife,’ they said, ‘We’re wondering if we can wire money to your account?’ 1,605 more words


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A quality travel narrative from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls.

Book Review: Travels with Charley

It has been a while since I have read Steinbeck, but whenever I pick up one of his books I instantly remember why I love him. 144 more words

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Travel Literature as Antidote to Travel Burnout

Although many travelers come back home feeling recharged after a week-long escapade in the jungles or in a far-flung mountain, many others retreat into their inner shells feeling drained and exhausted. 337 more words

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