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Panama Viejo

24th June 2009

Panama City is a hectic place, the streets full of people and the local “Diablo Rojo” (red devil) buses – highly decorated old school buses – that ply the streets at high speed (although these are now being phased out and replaced with bland modern buses).   117 more words

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Belize Diaries, Adventures of an Avid Traveler

I am an avid traveler. Travelling is not just my passion, it is also my hobby; a very expensive one no doubt which is why I take my time between vacations but when I do I enjoy it to the fullest. 671 more words

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Do you pay attention to toilets? Do you talk about them? I do. I do get strange stares or comments when I talk about toilet or bathroom differences or experiences. 778 more words


Making Tracks

17th April 2009

If you have the chance to visit Trinidad in Cuba then do so, as it’s a wonderful little town with some good food and even better places to stay (if you can escape the ‘casa mafia’).  107 more words

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36 Hours in Costa Rica

A little preface here. I have been to Costa Rica. Twice. For a little over one week each time.

I have come to enjoy the country, its food, its greetings, its beaches, its food, and mostly, its people. 675 more words

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1st Sept 2011

A different view of the ‘Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias’ on the outskirts of Valencia.  This ‘city’ was mainly designed by Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava and is situated in the dry river bed of the river Turia (which was diverted years prior).  38 more words

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What was that place? - The Trip Diary

Now what was the name of that quaint town we visited while biking the Moselle river?

I don’t know about you but as I have got older my memory storage has become extremely tight and I seem to trash much of what happens on a daily basis retaining only what is important for the day to day survival. 272 more words

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