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The Presence of Absence

The other night I was tossing and turning at 4:40 am, obsessing about what to say at my sister’s wedding. This might not seem that outlandish – wedding speeches are a big deal – but the odd thing was that I was doing this in a hostel, on my first night in Asia, with earplugs in to stop hearing the critter that was crawling between the walls next to me… I should also mention that the wedding isn’t until August. 1,251 more words


Remembering the Great War

Today is Remembrance Day. On this day 96 years ago, an armistice between the Allies and Germany was signed, bringing the Great War to an end – a war which claimed the lives of over 37 million people. 726 more words


The importance of not travelling

Fairly recently I made a promise to myself: I am not going to travel for the rest of the year.

Travel is something I absolutely love. 285 more words

Travel Philosophy

7 Tips for Being The Best Couchsurfer Someone Has Ever hosted.

What is Couchsurfing?

If this is a new word for you then let me explain exactly what Couchsurfing is. Couchsurfing is a global community of people who host and “surf” peoples homes across the world. 848 more words

Travel Philosophy

Truths, Gripes, and Other Confessions

I’ve avoided discussing the negative aspects of long-term travel because, well… it seems really petty for me to be complaining at all while in such a spectacular situation.  1,800 more words


Open mind &open heart.

“The Iranians are only being nice and friendly because there is a camera following you around!”

“Way to not show the truth!”

“Go back to actual cooking shows!” 639 more words

Anthony Bourdain

Lao Tzu On The Good Traveler

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.”

- Lao Tzu