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Early Morning at Nha Trang Station

Anyone would feel crabby after a disturbed, short period of sleep. That is exactly how I felt that time at Train Station in Nha Trang, Vietnam. 494 more words

Travel Philosophy

Are You Suffering From Wanderlust?

A mild case? A bad case? Or no case at all? (If it’s the latter, you maybe shouldn’t be reading this blog…..but hey, I’m not  795 more words

Travel Philosophy

Think Explore. Think Travel. Think World.

You are a man. An animal, in biological terms. You were born into the earth as a physical process. Lucky, by nature, you could think, feel, move, and do. 272 more words

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One thing I am starting to notice as I travel in Asia is that some cultures are less social than others.  Of course I am making a broad sweeping statement, and I have met exceptions to this proclamation, but I am seeing a general trend as the days roll on.   218 more words


Rewinding and Revisiting: Five Places I'd Love to Go Back To

If you were given a choice when it came to your next trip – to either revisit somewhere that you loved, or to go somewhere completely new – which would you pick? 916 more words


Our Travel Philosophy

Whenever we travel, I always like to research ahead to see what we might be interested in. Sometimes we have a specific goal, but often we don’t. 492 more words

The Magic Kingdom, Part 2: Beating the Crowds at Disney World

We spent two days in the Magic Kingdom this summer, and we never stood in a line for more than 20 minutes (okay, once!). How did we achieve this magic, you ask? 757 more words

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