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Every country in Europe before the age of 30: the quest

One thing I mention fairly often on the blog is my key travel quest (‘quest’ sounds so much cooler than ‘aim’) to visit every country in Europe before my 30th birthday… 939 more words

Travel Philosophy

A Race and A Labyrinth

“I’ve been lost in this fancy labyrinth
Should I say goodbye to my family…”

- the Band Apart, Shine on Me

The idea of getting myself on the road again always makes me excited, but for what reason I still don’t know how to explain. 287 more words

Afterthought Of Traveling

For My Future Granddaughters

I just discovered a document on my computer that I had written last summer and, in reading it, I was thrown back to those nervous months in anticipation of my travels.   1,646 more words


Epic four-day bus ride through Argentina: Day 4

Tuesday, December 30
4:30 – dawn. I look out woozily at the sunrise and take some pictures from inside my dream state before falling back asleep. 913 more words


Epic four-day bus ride through Argentina: Day 3

Sunday, December 28

17:01 – I’m sitting in soft sand, just finishing my dulce de leche ice cream and looking across the bay to the peninsula Valdez where I can just make out steep white cliffs plunging hundreds of meters down into the blue sea. 1,391 more words


History Catches Up

It’s hard to forget where you came from.  And sometimes it’s scary to also.

In my case, where I’m from, what I’ve done, and the life I lived up until leaving home in August – it’s all been pretty great.  898 more words


Happy New Year 'Round the World

Happy New Year to you!  Since we have blog readers from all over the world — and we love seeing your countries’ flags pop up in our stats — and since pretty much everything’s on the Internets these days, we thought we’d see if we could find out how to say Happy New Year around the world. 837 more words

Travel Planning