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Travel While You Are Still Young

If there is one thing I regret in my life, it’s not traveling while I was still young. Don’t get me wrong, I still consider myself young, don’t ask me to divulge my age because I would rather not, it’s just that if I had things my way I would have started traveling while I was still in my teens. 273 more words


Why Family Travel is Like Being in a School Play

It’s now six days until we leave on our Epic Italian Adventure and I’m getting really excited. Travelling with my family is probably my favourite thing in the world, but planning travel and reading about travel and blogging about travel comes close behind. 843 more words

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Football Without Borders

The World Cup is easily a business worth a billion dollars. The organization which organizes the World Cup is FIFA, or the Federacion International de Futbol Association. 976 more words

Travel Philosophy

Three Tips to Eat Inexpensively While Traveling

We’re asked pretty frequently how we can afford to travel so much. Our philosophy is that travel doesn’t have to be expensive. While we enjoy an occasional… 570 more words

Travel Planning

My Travel Philosophy

Some people like to take it easy, others like to pack their schedules. Some people like to focus on exploring one country at a time, others prefer casting their net wide every time they take a trip. 399 more words


Fast food on the road: confessions of a non-foodie

I have a confession to make.

A confession that will divide opinion. A confession that many of you won’t be able to understand. A confession that might change the way you think of me. 351 more words

Travel Philosophy

Tajikistan, here I come!!

Back! (Pun intended)
I just got back from the Tajik Embassy after submitting my documents for a visa.
Fingers crossed. I hope everything falls into place this week. 316 more words

Travel Philosophy