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Overseas Travel Essentials Part 1

So it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been booking trips left and right – Spring Break, Disney, Cruises and on top of that – My own trip! 201 more words

When I'm not travelling, I'm at home planning it

Somebody once remarked that I seem to live from one trip to another. That is true, but there is more than just living between trips. When the family is not travelling, that means I, as the chief travel planner of the household, am in the middle of scheming, planning and managing the budget for our next one.

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Affordable lodging in Las Vegas leaves more $ for fun!

Vegas, baby! Two words that mean good times, a 24-hour party atmosphere, the chance to win big, and, of course, the chance to spend even more! 725 more words

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The License Plate Game - there's an app for that!

As we’ve mentioned before, we’re big fans of the license plate game. We play it on road trips of all lengths, even though we… 697 more words

Travel Planning

Spring Break Planning - Make the Most of Your Travel Budget!

Many people will be traveling for spring break soon — including us! — so what better time than now to remind you of a few tips that could make… 385 more words

Travel Planning

"Leave everything to the last minute" said no one ever about Travelling

It is such a weird feeling. The night before. After months and weeks of feeling like this day would never actually come. And even when you’re a week away and email notifications and countdown clocks are alerting you to the fact that 7, 5, 3 days from now you will be in BERLIN… your mind’s still throwing you images of yourself at home. 985 more words


An impromptu trip to London - tales and travails

This week we invited our friend Sarah O’Donnell to write about her recent visit to London.  She has some great insights to tuck away for future reference in your travels! 1,162 more words

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