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I have no idea. But now I’m thinking that I need to explore some business opportunities. What do you think of …

  • ABBOTOX? Tighten up your face while you simultaneously brush up on Greek and Latin roots of English words!
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Travel Series

You can't know how much pleasure this gives me ...

Rebecca West and her husband, the protagonists of Black Lamb and Grey Falcon, are in Dalmatia (i.e., Croatia) at the moment, at Split, where they are visiting Diocletian’s Palace. 494 more words


Documentary Proof!

Yes, if you were wondering, I do sometimes exercise the license allowed every storyteller. I exaggerate a bit from time to time. Or maybe it’s just that I fall in love with a turn of phrase, even if it’s not  84 more words

Travel Series

Travel Series: Edinburgh, Scotland

I’m the type of person who easily gives compliments. As long as I see something I like in a person or place, I don’t hesitate to point it out. 539 more words

Black And White

An Infinitude of Joy

Ask me for a list of the most joyful and memorable moments of my life, and what you will note, if you are good at patterns, is that they tended to have occurred  661 more words

Travel Series


I have a secret vice. I’ve been too embarrassed to confess it to anyone except for my wife, who not only indulges it but finds it somewhat amusing. 487 more words



Out experiencing the city today and it came to me. What makes places like this seem so special is the juxtaposition everywhere of the monumental and the intimate. 122 more words

Travel Series