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Over the high passes - another Himalayan drive

An age has passed since I drove with the man that taught me how to manage the brake and accelerator together while releasing the clutch. My Uncle Teddy or Teddy Sahib as he is rather universally called, is a bit of a legend on mountain roads and trekking routes in Lahaul & other parts of Himachal. 3,855 more words

Travel Stories

re-inventing your past ;)

I am pretty sure I have blood on my hands.  I am at least half Viking – and given the mayhem the Vikings allegedly caused in my other homelands, I may well be a little more… 422 more words

Travel Stories

T-30 days

I just booked my plane ticket to Peace Corps staging in New York in one month. As the days tick down the fact that I will be moving to Senegal is becoming more and more real. 1,059 more words

Pre-Service Posts

Travel Stories from a Shy Guy

By all my friend’s accounts I am not an outgoing guy. I’m also not a character from Super Mario as the title might suggest. One fellow traveler once asked me “You’re a kinda speak-when-spoken-to kinda guy, aren’t ya?” I heartily agreed with his observation because he described my social interaction protocol with people I don’t know to almost to a “T”. 2,978 more words


Day 124: Bride kidnappings, lonely steppes, & international high pass rescue efforts

Steeeeven.” The music was turned up, but I could still make out the thump-thumping of the indisputable, of one of the last things we wanted to happen here, at over three thousand meters up in the mountains, surrounded by snow and rock and no town in sight for hundreds of kilometers. 619 more words

Encounters With Locals

Montreal, a beautiful mess!

It is not easy to understand; it takes time to untangle but…. boy does this freaking city cast a spell on you! Yes it is true: It has a tough winter, roads full of potholes, crazy politicians, the unending franglais war and many other things that might make you think that it is a disaster! 483 more words

Said With Passion

The Journey Begins. . .

I was fresh out of college and it was time to send out applications to best of the post grad communication colleges in India, appear for entrance exams and wait for an interview call. 597 more words