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Port Fairy - more than a folk festival

None of us were that keen to leave the city in the depths of winter – except my husband. The boys just wanted to hang at home and play more senseless games and I needed to study. 376 more words


the playthings of superpowers...

I’m not sure I would want to live in London as it is so crowded and expensive but it is a fantastic place to spend a few days imagining other lives and wandering through history.  574 more words

Travel Stories

Narva, the eastern limit

You did not come to Narva at the right time’ told me the waiter. I had just finished my lunch when we started talking, it was quite late and the restaurant was almost empty. 796 more words


Free City Tour in Lisbon? Not My Usual, but Why Not?

While I was in the process of checking in and dropping my bags at my hostel in Lisbon the clerk asked if I wanted to go on their free city tour which started within minutes. 496 more words

Places And Things (Nouns Are Fun!)

Cape Town, you are doing it right! South Africa's future...

My suspicions have been confirmed; Cape Town is on the international scope by upping the stakes. A province to call home and the national favourite, how did they do it?  219 more words

Retired in Rome Journal: Opening day of football season -- Roman style

AUG. 31

It’s the opening weekend of the football season on two continents. Last night I went to the one here in Europe where I didn’t see a single tailgate party, marching band or coed passed up through the stands. 1,481 more words

Travel Stories

Ireland: Dublin: Saint Patrick's: The Door of Reconciliation

“Chancing an arm” at the Door of Reconciliation in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin…

Please take a moment to read THE INSPIRING STORY of wisdom and courage immortalized in this five hundred year old assemblage of wood and nails.