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Morning Commute

Yesterday I came across a flock of geese crossing the road during my morning commute. This would not be noteworthy if I traveled through anywhere except city center. 130 more words

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KC's the Place To... EAT!

In a perfect world, I would have remembered to take pictures of the four of us together since we haven’t seen each other since April… in a perfect world. 612 more words

Tasty Treats

Travel Talk: Prague

Fairy tales don’t exist, or at least that’s what they tell you. I’m calling bs. Fairy tales do exist, and they exist in a wonderful city called Prague. 1,094 more words


Tiny World

This area of Kansas is stunning.  The Flint Hills remains much the way it was at least 300 years ago.  The dusty ruts of the California and Oregon Trails may be gone but the history of their migration are steeped in the landscapes, architecture, and residents.  116 more words

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Scenic Kansas

The road climbs up to carve through the sandstone layered on the top of the hills.  Shale flakes litter the shoulder of the blacktop.  I see trees growing through the crevices of the rock and wonder at our natural world.  187 more words

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Small Town Kansas

My travels took me through the rolling hills of northern, central Kansas. Stopping occasionally for little points of interest, I quickly realized someone’s quirkiness is probably someone else’s pride. 244 more words

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Community Renovations

The patch of barren earth is green now, where the building once stood. The shell has been removed, the sidewalks have been swept and flowers are blooming in the planters that used to touch the side of the building. 282 more words

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