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...should give me a fucking peace prize for this shit...

So the Earth and Universe are 4.2 and 14B years old, respectively. Formation = cool down = slow down. But the edge of the universe continued to expand rapidly; or, 4 billion years of expansion at a faster rate of movement. 229 more words

...on My Mind.

Farewell of a good friend

Music connects people and you always meet heartfelt people. Our friend Can has to go back to Istanbul. So we enjoyed the last days together and made them as unique as we could. 78 more words

Travel Time

ratpag Quantifies Just How Much Commuting Sucks out of You

Studies often look at the cost of people sitting in traffic – presumably delayed getting to work, not buying stuff, whatever – due to congestion. That’s all well and good. 624 more words


Great Time

We made really good time on the return trip from Burbank to San Jose.  I painted the weather vane yesterday without the knowledge that there was indeed a storm brewing north of San Francisco and would be unleashing its torrents on San Jose by evening. 317 more words

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Osaka's Hidden Falls

Minoo (Minoh) is a city laying in the outskirt of Osaka. Mostly, everyone goes to Minoo to see its 33 meter high and 5 meter wide waterfall which is included in the Top 100 Waterfalls in Japan. 385 more words

Travel Time

Supposed to be a Public Transportation System

There is some very specific understanding for public transportation going on in Los Angeles. I mean as I said in ‘My first Impressions about L.A. 137 more words

Travel Time

Biking in L.A. as a balancing act

As you know, I really love doing sports and I do it every day. In Berlin I was used to go by bike almost everywhere and I liked it because you were not stuck in a sticky bus. 268 more words

Travel Time