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That Twinkle In Your Eye

Light takes up to 2.9 million years to travel from the Sun’s core to its surface.

It then travels the entire 93,000,000 miles (1 AU) to Earth in just 8 minutes and 19 seconds. 357 more words


Michigan Keeps Motorists Up to Speed

Travelers on Michigan roadways have some new sights to look at—17 new Dynamic Message Boards to date, with six more slated to debut by the end of this month. 66 more words


Island Walks

Today, I took a relaxing walk through the yard to the sea

Island Life

Exquisite Explosions - The fine art of destruction

One of the first rules of writing is to open with a catchy line, and never with a technical topic. So I’m going to blow that one right out of the water and start by writing about entropy. 1,655 more words

Writing: Opinion

Rolling Across the Beach

You know the giant balls that you can get inside and roll around in? These guys?

Yeah, that’s my cousin about to get in one. I, too, got to roll around in mankind’s awesome-est invention ever! 223 more words

Island Life

You're Driving on the Wrong Side!

One of the scariest things about living in a new place is transportation. Do you have a car? Is there public transportation? What if you get lost?!? 372 more words