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TRAVEL TIP: The second you think of packing something, PACK IT. If you wait, you will forget.

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VIDEO TRAVEL TIP: What Can You Bring on an Airplane

With all the rules on what you can and can’t bring through TSA at the airport, it can be confusing to know what exactly you can bring on an airplane. 47 more words


Empty your case, open your mind

I want my whole life to be represented through me. This is my number one aim. To exemplify the totality of my being purely through who I am, and not by what I own. 472 more words

A Students Guide To Inter-Railing

Last summer I spent just under a month inter-railing.  And I loved it.  So much in fact, that I’m going again this year (my bank balance does not enjoy this so much).   1,566 more words

Soothing the wanderlust want~ Mindful in May

I love to travel. Like really love it. Long trips, short trips, volunteer trips, getting way from life trips. I love it all. Some nights I lay awake not counting sheep but counting the places that I want to go and imagine the people that I’m going to meet. 547 more words


Words of Encouragement for fellow Backpackers

Not going to lie sometimes I let the negative thoughts of others get to me, and I don’t know how to deal with unsupportive people. And the reason I care about their opinions is they are my friends and family. 1,422 more words


Packing A Backpack

Warning: Sa mga kapwa ko Noypi na hindi masyadong compident confident sa kanilang mga “ep” at “fi “ “ef” at “pi”, ingat lang po kung plano mong basahin ito aloud. 954 more words