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Lucky I Am Not.

Whenever I tell people how many places I’ve been to, how many amazing things I’ve seen and what my future plans are, almost everyone’s initial response is: 384 more words


Love in Angkor Wat

Erica Jong once wrote that the most effective way to exorcise a lover from your mind is to write about him. It is through words with which your memories of him can be expelled, out of the heart and into the air, until his presence stops clouding your head. 1,010 more words

A Dumb Chicagoan's Guide on How To Not Be A Chicago Dummy

Having lived in Chicago for 26 of my 29 years you would think I would know a lot about this city (yes, I was raised in the suburbs and I still said Chicago. 1,752 more words


6 Reasons for Why I Shoot Film

1.  Instead of spending hours in front of Photoshop trying to recreate the look of film, why not just shoot the real thing?  There are tons of plug-ins available to buy, but it’ll never be the same as film. 308 more words


Hola from Quito, Ecuador

After roughly twelve hours of flying, we finally made it to Quito, Ecuador on Wednesday. Suprsingly, the nine hour flight went very quick, and our second, three hour flight felt longer. 206 more words


September 18th - turn off - 365x project

last days sucked out any energy from me. trying to cure it with uncomfortable passivity and short run. from theatre tunnel to unnamed tunnel. for how long?