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Vacation over? Prove it.

So, I’ve been back in the states just over a week – and the re-entry has been solid. Customs happened in Ireland, which meant three separate security lines in Dublin, but on the plus side, I was able to grab my bag and run for the bus almost immediately on landing. 633 more words

Happy Weekends

The Rain is Falling

And it’s making me lazy. Today has been an interesting experience of more “typical” Irish weather. Before today. It rained briefly on the Wednesday of my first week, and rained overnight on my first night in Dublin, but besides that we’ve been “blessed with the weather” with gorgeous sun every day. 374 more words

One Week In

Good morning from Edinburgh! I woke up this morning thinking about the fact that I’ve been gone exactly one week today, and a new “normal” is setting in. 624 more words

Traveling Around

The Great Escape gets so real

Phew! Depending on how you count, I’ve slept something like four hours out of the last 48. Leaving NYC at 6:30pm, on a flight that ended up being nearly an hour shorter than expected, where they did NOT dim the cabin lights at any point, landing in Shannon which was cute and cozy and completely packed with soldiers and tourists; passing out hard on the flight to London, and then continued adventures! 683 more words

Traveling Around