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13 Things That Will Happen During Your First Month Abroad

By Annie Bergmann

Whether you are coming abroad or have had the pleasure of living abroad in the past, you either have or will have the uncomfortable feeling of culture shock. 414 more words

Traveling Is Life

5 Spots in Krakow Not to Miss

Kraków is Poland’s best attraction and the city has been drawing in more and more tourists each year. Perhaps best known for its picturesque main square, where the pigeons almost out number… 638 more words

Traveling Is Life

Discrepancies: Italy vs. the U.S.

  1. While most adult Americans wake up at the crack of dawn, go for a morning jog, read the paper, read their emails, eat breakfast and do whatever else in the time span of 5:30am-8:30am before leaving for work and starting their day at 9:00, Italians do not.
  2. 385 more words
Traveling Is Life

4 Things I Wish I’d Said Yes To Abroad

by Hilary Gaumer

For someone who loves her bubble and hates change, it was hard at first for me to open up to some of the experiences available to me when I went overseas. 775 more words

Traveling Is Life

10 Reasons Prague May Have Been Plucked from a Fairytale

1. Castles

What’s a proper fairytale without an extravagant castle? Luckily, Prague has the largest medieval castle complex in the world.

2. Beer is cheaper than water. 231 more words

Traveling Is Life

17 Facts that Prove Barcelona Has Everything

1. The nightlife

The world famous, rap-song-mentioned, celeb-studded nightlife of Barcelona is unbeatable. Opium, CDLC, Catwalk, Ottozuts, and much much more.

2.  The architecture

Antonio Gaudi’s obssession with Mother Nature makes this city come to life at every corner. 541 more words

Traveling Is Life