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Tired or Inspired? All the Way to Memphis.....

I haven’t had the desire to post anything for awhile, and have been struggling to figure out why. Is it because we’re just tired of the miles… 489 more words



By David C. Egner

Whose will those things be which you have provided? —Luke 12:20

Many vacation travelers take along too much stuff. They pack more shoes, clothes, and gadgets than they will ever need. 262 more words

Tips for Traveling Light

As a managing principal of Wells Street Companies, Arthur Holmer oversees financing as well as asset procurement and disposition. Arthur Holmer is an avid traveler in his free time. 157 more words

Arthur Holmer

Kitchen Lite

My motorhome is very very small. In fact when I walk down the aisle Henry has to back up because we cannot pass each other. I’m always trying to pare down to the bare essentials including in the kitchen. 141 more words


90 days, no shopping: Days 47-50 (four days in Houston, zero checked luggage)

I realize that for many people it’s no amazing feat, but for me it is downright incredible that I managed to spend FOUR ENTIRE DAYS away from home, and managed to cart along all of my clothes, makeup, PJs, swimwear, shoes and work computer plus peripherals in a single piece of carry-on luggage. 169 more words


Doing the Hokie Pokie in the USA

Three months ago, after spending the winter on the coast of the Northern Mexican Baja, we  loaded our possessions — and our 3 feline dependents — into the Blazer, and headed out on an extended road trip. 643 more words

The Art of Traveling Light

The generation we are living in today is one that applauds the idea that having more is better. Such idea is carried on in every aspect of people’s lives today. 548 more words