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What’s Inside My Backpack? 5 Tips for a Travelite Adventure

It’s been almost a year when I started wandering in the Philippines. I got so excited and packed everything I wanted and thought I needed in my backpack only to find out I didn’t actually need most of them. 723 more words


Travel Tips: How to Pack Light

As much as we all like to daydream about the freedom of the open road, real travel isn’t exactly free.  Indeed, transportation costs seem to rise every year.  475 more words

Travel Plus

Traveling Light Peeps

Love this outfit, super light, super simple.


Valentino Sweater
Boyfriend Jeans
Kelly 35 cm Hermes Bag White w/ Gold Hardware
Saint Laurent Classic Jane Shoes in Black… 42 more words


★ Thought for the Day - Grief is a Passage, Not a Place ★   

“Grief never ends…But it changes.  It’s a passage, not a place to stay.  Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith…It is the price of love.” Unknown… 149 more words


It’s rare that I’m alone. In fact, I set my alarm early so that I can be alone. And this may sound horrible, but when the hubby gets up early I’m slightly disappointed – b/c them I’m not alone. 880 more words

"Trafficking" in Mexico

We have been in San Miguel de Allende now for a little over a week. Enough time to begin to feel and absorb the differences between life here and back in the US where we spent the last four months. 566 more words

Consuming Emotion

Sometimes, sometimes the anger is still so real. So tangible I can taste it.

Sometimes, the pain is still quite literal.

Sometimes the loss of respect is so in my face I have a hard time showing him the respect in situations that he does indeed deserve because he is still my husband and I am still his wife. 544 more words