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Theodore Roosevelt Lake

“The sound of colors is so definite that it would be hard to find anyone who would express bright yellow with bass notes, or dark lake with the treble.” – Wassily Kandinsky… 416 more words


Strange Bedfellows or Life Slices

Travel shakes up habits and preconceptions.  I have strong opinions, likes, and dislikes—a tendency likely to get more pronounced in geezerhood.  That’s a scary thought.  Fortunately, this trip may slow that progression in causing me to reconsider old opinions and take more care in my judgments. 1,165 more words

Road Trip

How Long Are "Dogs'" Nails in the Wild? - Roadtrip Leads to Discovery

After a long day of travel and hiking, Ty catches a few Zzzs in a mid-western motel, March 2006.Next day, lulled by road hypnosis, his face wrinkled against the rental car as he took a snoozer from copiloting. 153 more words


Chasing My Tail

A million things to do

Clothes to pack

Dog fur everywhere

Where is that clothes brush?

More hours are needed

My thoughts are scattered

So is my underwear… 75 more words

Traveling All Over The Map

Trip Home

Kodi – back in his “own” bed

Packing up and saying “good-bye”

Time for the two-day return trip. The back seat is “slip-covered” with a fitted sheet, his pillow is in place in hopes of encouraging naps, crate and luggage packed. 567 more words

What's a vacation for your dog?

Being with us is a vacation for our dogs and it doesn’t have to involve travel. Days we are both home, weekends, are vacation days for Kodi. 779 more words

Daytona Beach to Corpus Christi - Day 2

After additional walks to sniff, explore and relieve, we settled down for the night. Traveling is hard on everyone. This is an odd  event for Kodi. 509 more words