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Pesona Danau Sleman dan Danau Menjukut

TWNC bukan hanya sekedar tempat rehabilitasi harimau sumatera dan Mercusuar Tambling. Masih ada tempat lainnya. Ini dia tempatnya.

Siang itu kala matahari tepat di atas kepala, saya beranjak untuk menyusuri pantai setelah mengunjungi Mercusuar Tambling. 907 more words


Half-dreaming and high as a kite on jet lag

Take one moment to look back and reminisce on your favorite memory…

Now take the time to remake this image in your mind…

Who were you with? 779 more words

Mayan Goddess, Ixchel

Ixchel, is a major Mayan Goddess with a cult following.

The Mayans would travel to her Temple located on the island of Cozumel off the coast of Mexico and pay tribute. 370 more words


I'm going on an adventure!

I’m going on an adventure‘ is seriously the first thing that comes to mind when I know I’ll be travelling again. I love travelling and I love planning for my travels. 1,282 more words


'Secret Beach' of Cinque Terre

Over spring break, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel through Italy with my roommates. Our journey began in Rome for three days, followed by Florence for two, Cinque Terre for one, and Milan for one. 613 more words

Cinque Terre

Auckland, NZ, 9 Days

12/4/2014 – 20/4/2014

I decided to visit Cindy in Auckland during my mid-sem break. This trip was more than what I could possibly imagine. Good food, great accommodation and fantastic company. 2,167 more words


Traveling! =D

So here I am, in the airport waiting for my plane to come and for them to do what ever it is they do before I board the plane.  1,297 more words