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A Beauty and a Beast

Or: All good things come in Threes – The Lord of the Rings, Tequila Shots and Starter Pokemon

I usually like long journeys (except planes. I just don’t trust anything so heavy that high up in the air. 1,636 more words

Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park

The Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park locates in the Kolonel Matsuri KM 11, Cisarua, West Bandung.

How to get there?

We went there by Angkot. First, ride any kind of Angkot to Ledeng, then continue with the Ledeng-Parompong Angkot to the terminal and then ride the Padalarang-Parompong one and stop at Komando. 346 more words

Happiness Inside

The Home Stretch

What an incredible week it’s been! I’m pretty sure the only words that came out of my mouth this entire week were: “Wow!” and “This is so cool/awesome/beautiful!” I was in a perpetual state of awe and amazement by the sights I got to experience this week. 416 more words

How do you describe an ice cave?

“The cave I was going to take you to is filled with water today, so you might die if we went there. Instead, have you heard of Crystal Cave?” Our guide, looking ruthlessly Icelandic with his ice blue eyes far over my head, seemed to be asking a rhetorical question. 703 more words


Becoming Pest-rafied and settling into a Budapest lifestyle

I can’t believe I’ve been here twenty days. Sometimes I feel like I’ve just arrived while others that I’ve always lived here. It’s been a rocky start and only perseverance kept me afloat. 698 more words

I went to Venice last week. I loved it. It’s a small romantic island where no cars are allowed or able to drive.

They have boats instead of busses, police cars and ambulances. 46 more words