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“It’s not often you go to a new place for lunch that fulfills are your hopes of what a sit down lunch could be.”

“Their rack of onion rings are simply awesome, and I love love love the cheesy corn bake!”

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Nungwi – Dirty Dancing με τους Μασάι

“Κοίτα, κοίτα, μας κάνουν νόημα να σηκωθούμε να χορέψουμε.”
“Ε σήκω τότε… Να, κοίτα εκείνη την Ιταλίδα, ξέρει να χορεύει η κοπέλα.”
“Χαζός είσαι, αυτή είναι για να δείχνει τα βήματα.”
“Μα τι ηλίθιος χορός είναι αυτός;”
“Έλα ρε, πάμε! Πότε θα έχεις ξανά την ευκαιρία να χορέψεις με τους Μασάι”

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Travel Logs

Nikko: or the cold really did bother me.

Last weekend, from November 15th through the 16th, I went to Nikko with my two friends Deanna and Akira.

I had been to Nikko before with my friend Lauren in the summertime, but this time we all wanted to go to Nikko to see the beautiful autumn foliage. 1,294 more words

Japanese Culture

IVF #1 The second Ultrasound

Saturday I took the same doses of Menopur and Gonal-F.    Sunday morning I had to get up at 5am since my appointment was at 8:00 and over 2 hours away.  558 more words


Isabel Bajart #vintage in Brussels

When traveling I love to visit some second hand and vintage stores. And that’s what I did in Brussels!

One of the stores is Isabelle Bajart… 127 more words

Second Hand

7 feet of snow no thank you

The last two nights have involve me coming home falling asleep on my couch. Last night though I put on a radio station from Buffalo to listen to the news from there. 738 more words