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GMAA Labor Day 15K Recap

“Almost what I wanted to do” just about sums up the race. Almost happy with it is better than angry at it, or some other unpleasant adjectives though. 719 more words


Into The Desert, We Go!

As I have previously stated in my past entries, I am the proud sister of a future pilot.  Although my brother is barely entering his junior year of high school, he has apparently laid out a blue print of his future, which makes him way ahead of his fellow peers.   363 more words

Road Trips

Johnny and Mary

Go on.  Ask yourselves a question you dimwit, ding-dong, dingalings.  Fill in the blank.

I am happiest when ______________?

Answer:  I am happiest when I’m hanging out with my no good, shithead brothers and the rest of the Hinton family, getting drunk on the whiskey, smoking cigarettes, eating good food, listening to cheesy 80’s glam rock, sitting around a blazing fire, and swapping stories about the good old days when we all lived under the same roof and nearly drove my mother to the la-la-la-loony bin on an almost daily basis.  

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Things to do when you are homesick

Traveling is an exciting experience and it is easy to forget the rest of the world as you are listening to your favourite song at your gate or waiting on a taxi to catch your flight to another part of the world. 432 more words

Cultural Experiences

[blog] Update and #rompthrougheurope

romp – verb \ˈrämp, ˈrȯmp\
: to move, go, or proceed in a quick, easy, or playful way

The past few weeks have been exhausting, happy, frustrating, exciting, and sad; and often more than one of those concurrently.

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Hey y’all! Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately. The last few days of summer before school (UGGGH NOOO) have been intense because I’m cramming summer homework. 171 more words


First Day on the Farm; Day 5 in England

       Something to know about England; they don’t have screens on windows and doors.  Living on a house on an organic farm means many things.  First, we compost all food waste. 294 more words