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I'm 23 and I know everything...

TODAY, while at work, I ran into a former boss of mine.  Briefly catching up, I mentioned how I was about to embark on another travel adventure.   600 more words


Traveller - Vilani Campaign Spacers


Vilani colonization is focused on type A worlds with some type B if they are close to Vland or at important jump route junctions where there are no type A. 325 more words


Please Mind the Gap!

Between big backpacks and big cameras, us tourists stick out like a sore thumb. This is nothing out of the ordinary when travelling to London since the majority of the population consists of tourists. 582 more words

Student Exchange

What to do next?

I’m writing this blog, sat in a hammock in a hippy hostel in Noosa, on the East coast of Australia. I’m over half way through my travels and my mind is beginning to remember I have a home. 414 more words


Traveller - Vilani Campaign Task System

Attribute Die Modifiers

Attributes provide a DM for all skills associated with an attribute e.g. engineering is associated with Int.

Attributes range from 2-12 with an average of 7 and the DMs are +/- 1 per point above/below 7 so an attribute of 8 gives DM+1 on all skills related to that attribute, an attribute value of 12 gives a DM+5, an attribute value of 5 gives a DM-2. 239 more words


Traveller - Vilani Campaign Char Gen

(Updated from previous char gen post.)

Character Attributes

Six stats: Str, Dex, End, Int, Edu, Soc

The possible range is 2-12 but the natural range is 2-10… 553 more words


Greystone Mansion

Chances are you’ve seen Greystone Mansion, too many times, in movies. It has appeared in X-men, Spiderman, Air Force One, just to name a few. What you probably not know is that this place is actually free for everyone to see. 218 more words