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Thoughts From the Front Row of the Concert

As the kind of unknown ukulele/mandolin/fiddle hipster nonsense I enjoy tends not to venture to China, a large part of my trip home was to include music. 1,098 more words


I am going for a ride

I realized I’ve been spending too much time in front of a screen recently. I need to take off, sweat, and observe. That’s why tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the day after the day after tomorrow I am going for a 500 km ride between Trento and Florence with my dad. 91 more words


You're never too old for nuts and berries

In the last 50 days I have been spending my time between Florence, Brussels, Edinburgh, London, Rome, Vilnius, and Innsbruck. I am in Trento now, I won’t be here tomorrow, and so I’m finally taking a chance to upload some pictures from all this traveling. 24 more words


No Meat, No Rats, No Dysentery: Food Road Rules

It had been a busy day of Hangzhou-ing, and we were ready to eat. It was murky and rainy out and we quickly moved from restaurant to restaurant, trying to find any that would pique our interests. 988 more words


Tango with a grown up

There was one day, long time ago, when I had to rank my priorities for the moment I would have been a grown up. I was in primary school back them and I remember I put ‘career’, ‘money’, and ‘family’ on top. 353 more words