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Around The World, And Back

The Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) is a graph theory problem which requires the most efficient, i.e. shortest, closed loop path through which a salesman can travel to each of… 379 more words


Holy moly! Day 1 project 1 already.

Happy new year!

For some reason I had thought I had a few days to get things sorted, but nope, it’s the new year, so time to get stuck into this project. 500 more words

Project 1 - Python Public Transport

The Travelling Santa Problem

Why is the annual Father Christmas world tour ‘NP-Complete’?  What is ‘NP-Complete’ anyway?  In fact, what’s ‘NP’ even?  And why can only Santa do it?  And what’s a ‘Decision Elf’?  2,805 more words

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