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First times - Baby's first road trip

As mentioned elsewhere I am a first time mom of little miss awesome.  Easter looms ahead of us and I have decided to close down the restaurant for a few days.  364 more words

Things That Change Your Life

Busy business in Paris!

This is my first blog in a few weeks as I’ve been really busy with work and with starting little Elsa on to solid foods (more about that in the next blog)! 709 more words

Entrepreneur/ Business

I lost my way

Europe 2013, a set on Flickr.

So I’m a terrible beginner blogger. After only a few entries I lost my way and didn’t report my journey through Europe. 73 more words


Travelling with baby


So, we are travelling abroad this year. I feel overwhelmed by this. I don’t necessarily think it is going to go bad! I just feel nervous! 120 more words


Bears on tour: Day 8- quick confirmation of Daddy Bear survival

Its seems right that I issue a swift follow up to the last post to confirm that Daddy Bear survived his dip in the Arctic Ocean. 359 more words


Bears on tour: Day 4- baby led weaning in the Arctic Circle

Day 4 and we have enteredw the Arctic Circle. I had an Arctic Circle baptism on deck this morning, a silly tradition involving ice cubes down your back and free alcohol (miscellaneous) which was my primary motivation. 377 more words


Bears on tour... Day 2/3... recovery time

Well, here are two posts in quick succession due to the internet access on the ship being akin to two cups joined by a wet bit of string. 604 more words