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Cześć, or why we learn Polish.

Since we live in a region locked between Poland and Lithuania we feel and understand the necessity to learn Polish. Why not Lithuanian? Firstly, Polish is quite close to Russian (same language family), secondly, we travel to Poland more often that to Lithuania. 244 more words


Week One

So, I have been in Paris for a week, and let me just say, it’s been wild. Between getting over jet lag, adjusting to life in Paris, and meeting new people, I have had so many things to talk about, but I never knew where to start. 544 more words


Some Cultural Differences in Peru...

So… I’ve been in Peru for 1 month now! Needless to say, everything here is radically different from home. This is usually true when travelling, but the truth is that when travelling extensively in a third- world country for the first time, some of these differences are difficult to anticipate before you are completely immersed in them. 2,132 more words


What do to, and what not to do, on a wintery weekend in Paris

After a whirlwind trip to Liverpool I booked another weekend away with a different group of girlfriends – my last one before the big South African holiday – to Paris. 988 more words



Near the Place of Refuge south of Kona is a popular diving and snorkling spot called Two-Step. And it is a beautiful place to go. The water is warm and crystal clear. 322 more words


поїхала на німці

Я приїхала сюди три місяці тому. Багато хто питав мене (і зараз питає), що, до чого і як тут. Але це все коротенькі повідомлення, на які ніхто не чекав особливо детальних відповідей.