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travelling to lebanon: my thoughts

Last year, in June & July i travelled to Lebanon with my family. My mum & dad are both Lebanese, and the last time we had been there was when i was 1 year old. 333 more words


Roma fotografia

Ice cream and culture – a must for a tourist in Rome.

During our stay in Italy we visited many monuments, saw old churches and statues, dined fine food and wine, and viewed original paintings such as The last supper and Michelangelo’s cealing in the Sixtin Chapel’s (inc. The Birth of Adam).

A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step

I am sitting in my room on this rainy evening pondering over my future, about being a nomad, about the life of a hobo and about being an entrepreneur. 131 more words


Guided by the guides

Even in these day of internet advice sites and satellite maps, I do love a good guide book. Being able to flick through pages and discovering new adventures. 147 more words


Malaysia (Melaka) : The Kampung Hulu Mosque

When the Portuguese captured Melaka back in 1511, all traces of the Melaka Sultanate with regards to its position as the centre of Malay civilization and culture were systematically wiped out. 1,116 more words

The flight

The day my journey finally started was a sunday. After a night of pretty restless sleep my father and I carried my luggage into our car. 427 more words


Travelling abroad

What do you all use when travelling abroad?

For me the two main sites for a trip are Skyscanner for your flights

Skyscanner Flights

And for the hotel I normally use booking.com, though any better suggestions pop in the comments. 339 more words